How To Apply For A UK Spouse Or Partner Visa From The USA

How To Apply For A UK Spouse Or Partner Visa From The USA

UK Spouse visa

In July 2021, the travel restrictions were eased down and we saw a rise in the visa applications from all over the world. If you are from the USA and willing to apply for a UK Spouse visa or a partner visa and move to the UK with your British partner, here’s a complete guide to make a successful application.

You need to make online application

You need to visit the UK government portal to make an online application.

You can expect the following:

  • Personal information of the applicant and family
  • Relationship between applicant and the partner
  • Previous immigration history(if any visa was refused)
  • Family’s financial circumstances(details of the applicant’s income,etc)
  • Details of criminal records, if any

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Uploading documents

Along with documents you need to enrol for biometrics. You can apply for biometrics from the USA through VFS global website. You can book the appointment on the VFS Global website for the nearest Visa and Application Centre(VAC).

Once the applicant has booked the appointment, then they will be given two choices, either to upload the documents by themselves or pay to the VAC and get their documents scanned and uploaded. The latter is chargeable, approximately, $100.

The paid service is a premium service offered by the VFS Global, it is always better to self-upload the documents in order to ensure that no documents are missed out.

Payment and priority service

The payment is the last step before you send the documents to the Home office.

The application charges are £1,523. You can also choose a priority decision facility at an additional cost of £573.

This priority service is just to ensure that your application will be processed before the other applications by standard means. However, it does not guarantee results in a specific timeframe.

Sending your application and documents

After you are done with your biometrics and payment, you will be given five days to send your application, documents and biometric receipts to the VFS scanning centre in the USA. Your passport will be retained by them until the decision is made.

Waiting for the decision

Once you have submitted everything, you must wait for at least 12 weeks for a decision to come on a standard application and 8 weeks for a decision through priority service.

You can refer to the Home Office’s guidance on the visa decision time from outside the UK.

You will get an email from the VFS Global if your application has been approved or not.

Mostly, you will receive your passport with an entry-clearance sticker or vignette which confirms your UK Spouse visa or partner visa.

Your vignette will last approximately 90 days, you must enter the UK within this time and collect your Biometric Residence Permit from a local post office as soon as you enter the UK.

How can immigration specialists help?

You must not make any mistakes in your visa application. Since the UK Home Office is getting even more vigilant you must choose immigration specialists’ help for legal advice on your spouse visa application.

A Y & J Solicitors can help you with bespoke advice and services on spouse visa application.