Biography Of Terry Lee Flenory Founder of Black Mafia Family

Biography Of Terry Lee Flenory Founder of Black Mafia Family

Terry Lee Flenory

Terry Lee Flenory Introduction

Terry Lee Flenory is the younger brother of Big Meech and an American businessman and drug dealer who is known in the American media as Southwest T. The man is also a co-founder of Black Mafia Family (BMF) which is a criminal group based around Detroit, Michigan, in the United States.

People are famous in different ways. While certain are famous for their successful career and their positive impact on society, others are able to gain fame due to their infamous actions. As for Terry Big Meech and his Big Meech and his Big Meech, they fall into this category.

Who is Terry Lee Flenory?

Terry Lee Flenory, aged 53 is a famous American businessman, drug dealer and is his younger brother Big Meech. He was founding member of the Black Mafia Family (BMF) which was a criminal group based at Detroit, Michigan, USA. Southwest T was involved in the trafficking of drugs along with his brother, who was later arrest.

It was in 1985 that Terry Lee Flenory established the Black Mafia Family with his brother. The group gained fame because of its involvement in laundering money and trafficking in illegal drugs.

Terry Lee Flenory

Terry Lee Flenory Detailed Biography

Full NameTerry Lee Flenory
Nick NameSouthwest T
Date of Birth10th January 1970
BirthplaceDetroit, Michigan, United States of America
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Father NameCharles
Mother NameLucille
Height5′ 8″
Weight100 kg
Hair colourBlack
WifeTonesa Welch

Who are Terry Lee Flenory parents?

Terry Lee’s father was Charles and his mom is Lucille. He was raised by two siblings: Demetrius Edward, and Nicole.

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When was Terry Lee Flenory born?

Terry Lee Flenory was born on the 10th of January 1970, located in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Where was Terry Lee Flenory born?

Where did Terry Flenory come from? The co-founder of the record label is a native of Detroit, Michigan, United States of America. He is a resident of the same state until date. He is American and his ethnicity is African-American.

How was Terry Lee Flenory Early Life?

He was born on January 10, 1970, in Detroit, United States.  Terry Lee Flenory became the leader of the Black Mafia Family and an American drug dealer. He is also the Big Meech Brother. 

Terry and his older brother Meech grew up in southwest Detroit, in a highly religious home, alongside their younger sister Nicole.The brothers started the Black Mafia Family in 1989 and their journey is being started as a drug mafia.

What is Terry Lee Flenory Qualification?

According to reports, Terry and his brother completed their extensive college studies from the same university. Following that, they started the illegal business of trafficking drugs. Terry as well as his son made lots of cash through their cash-laundering business.

Who is Terry Lee Flenory Family and Siblings?

In Terry Lee Flenory family his father’s name is Charles Flenory and his mother’s name is Shelly Meech His brother’s name is Big Meech and the name of his sister is Nicole Flenory. He comes from an American descendant family, and his zodiac sign is Capricorn. 

Terry loves spending moments with family and friends. He has a Nephew Demetrius Flenory Jralso called Little Meech. He is an internationally renowned rapper and artist.

Why is Terry Lee Flenory famous?

Terry Lee Flenory also called Southwest T and his brother, Big Meech, gained notoriety for their participation in the trafficking of drugs and money laundering across all of the United States. Their crimes started during their time in high school, after which, in 1985. They established their own organisation the Black Mafia family in Detroit, Michigan.

The organisation quickly grew to other states, bringing on more than 500 people who traded hundreds of kilograms worth of illicit drugs. 

Alongside their gangs of crime they also operated BMF Entertainment, a music label that they employed to conceal money and provide the criminals a legal face. Terry Lee Fenory also has an clothing collection named Southwest Black Magic.

Terry Lee Flenory Involved in Money Laundering and drugs

The Black Mafia Family (BMF) was founded by Terry Lee Flenory, also known as Southwest T, and his brother Demetrius Edward Flenory, who is also known underworld the name Big Meech. They founded the drug organisation for money laundering and trafficking as high school students at Detroit, Michigan in 1985. The brothers soon extended their illegal activities to other states and employed more than 500 people to smuggle massive quantities of cocaine.

It was believed that the Black Mafia Family operated in several states which included California, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee. However, in 2003 Terry Flenory moved to Los Angeles, California, to begin his own business which he left Big Meech to continue with the BMF in Atlanta.

The BMF brothers were arrested and taken into custody in the year 2005. They were alleged to have been carrying cocaine numerous times. In 2008, the BMF brothers were found guilty of being involved in a criminal organisation in the course of trial. They each received 30 years of prison time in the year 2008

Terry Lee Flenory, the brother of Big Meech, and other prisoners were ordered to be transferred to home detention in May of 2020 due to the increase of Covid 19 in prisons.

Terry Lee Flenory was taken into consideration due to his declining health. Big Meech, his brother is currently in prison and is serving his sentence nevertheless.

What is Terry Lee Flenory Career?

According to reports, Terry Lee Flenory was a professional criminal who began his career in an illegal business. He and his Big Meech collectively began a cash laundering business known as Black Mafia Family (BMF). Through their business they carried out a number of illegal activities, including drug trafficking.

Terry with his brother Big Meech began out his cocaine career with the help of selling bags worth $50 of cocaine on the back streets of Detroit in the 1980 at some point during his high school times.

Is Terry Lee Flenory Married?

Terry Lee Flenory is a married man. Based on the information on his profile on Instagram page, Terry was married to his wife who is Tonesa Welch. According to our research, Tonesa is an Executive-manufacturer of Notorious Queens and a logo influencer.

Terry posted a lot of photos along with Welch via his various social media accounts. In line with the profile on his IG account, Terry has additionally collaborated with a variety of female commercial enterprise entertainment and executives.

Is Terry Lee Flenory has Children?

Terry Lee Flenory has 4 kids with 3 sons and a daughter.  Terry discusses his children and also reveals that Big Meech, his brother also has three children.The two sons of Terry are stepsons from his earlier marriage to Tonesa Welch.

Documentaries made on Terry Lee Flenory Life story

The Black Mafia Family has been the subject of numerous documentaries as well as TV shows which examine the involvement of the family in the trade of drugs and money laundering. 

They often include elements of drama in the family and criminal activities. One of the most notable documentaries can be found in “BMF: The Rise and Fall of a Hip-Hop Drug Empire.”

What is Terry Lee Flenory Net worth?

Although Terry Lee Flenory net worth remains not known, his elder Big Meech’s net worth is known. Big Meech is reported to have the sum in the range of 100 million. Big Meech’s wealth is due to his record label, sales of clothing and his involvement in the illicit drug trade.

What happen to Terry Lee Flenory?

In 2005, the brothers Terry Lee Flenory and Big Meech were detained and charged with multiple charges of possession of cocaine. Following a hearing the brothers have been found to be guilty of operating an illegal business, which resulted in each receiving the sentence of 30 years in 2008.

The month of May 2020 because of the spreading of COVID-19 in prisons Terry Lee Flenory and other prisoners were sent home to confinement. The decision was based on to Terry’s deteriorating health. But, Big Meech remains in prison, serving out his sentence.

Who shoot Terry Lee Flenory?

In the month of October 2021 Southwest T had been shot in the face by unidentified persons. The suspect was wounded in the eye during a battle against a gang rival member in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America.

Is Terry Lee Flenory Alive?

Terry Lee Flenory was shot in the month of October in 2021. Contrary to online reports, Terry did not pass in the end, he just was injured. He’s still being held in a home confinement and is posting regularly on Instagram.

Interesting Facts About Terry Lee Flenory

1.Terry Lee Flenory is likewise called Southwest T amongst his fans.

2. He has also worked with numerous well-known rappers as well as singers.

3. Terry’s most-loved tagline is walk faith, not by sight.

4. There were more than 622k followers (as of May 1st, 2023) in the Instagram profile.

5. Terry Lee Flenory uploaded his first Instagram put-up on the 7th of May 2020.

Terry Lee Flenory Conclusion

Michigan-born criminal Terry Lee Flenory and his brother established a drug trafficking organisation called the Black Mafia Family and were sent to federal prison for their crimes. Terry and Demetrius Flenory founded the Black Mafia Family in Detroit, Michigan in the 1980s. The criminal enterprise eventually trafficked cocaine from Los Angeles to Atlanta and other countries.

In 2005 both arrested and was sentenced to thirty years at the Coleman Low Federal Correctional Facility in Florida. Terry Lee Flenory and his brother were born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He was known on the streets as “Southwest T,” while his older brother, Demetrius Flenory, was known as “Big Meech.

Terry Lee Flenory FAQs

Q1. Who is Terry Lee Flenory?

Terry Lee Flenory, aged 53 is famous American businessman, drug dealer.

Q2. Who is Terry Lee Flenory Brother?

Terry younger brother name is Big Meech. He was also the founding member of the Black Mafia Family.

Q3. What is the name of Terry Lee Flenory foundation?

The name of Terry Lee Flenory foundation is the Black Mafia Family (BMF)

Q4. How many children Terry Lee Flenory have?

He has Three Children two sons and one daughter.