7 Must-To-Do Things During Desert Safari Abu Dhabi In 2021

7 Must-To-Do Things During Desert Safari Abu Dhabi In 2021

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi In 2021

Have you ever been to a desert safari adventure in Abu Dhabi? If no, you will discover some exciting facts about it in this guide. If you are planning to visit desert safari Abu Dhabi in 2021, enjoy dune bashing, quad bike, hot air balloon ride, camel ride, sandboarding, etc. There are several cool and enjoyable activities in the desert. For example, it is full of fun to spend a night under the sky, enjoy amazing dance performances, explore flora and fauna, try delicious cuisine, and Arabian sheesha pipe.

Read this article to find 7 amazing must-to-do things during the desert safari adventure in Abu Dhabi. Book desert safari Dubai from Abu Dhabi to explore the charismatic beauty and adventuresome sports in the desert!

1# Experience dune bashing:

The visitors love to experience dune bashing in a 4×4 car. You will feel the thrill while going through the crusts and troughs of the dunes. This adrenaline-pumping desert sport electrifies every single cell of your body. Do not forget to fasten your seat belt during this ride.

2# Ride an ATV quad bike:

Riding an ATV quad bike is the most thrilling adventure included the desert safari Abu Dhabi deals. Do not forget to enjoy the ATV quad bike ride if you are a true bike-lover. The beginners are given special instructions to safely ride the ATV quad bike. Please follow the instructions to avoid accidents.

3# Try hot air balloon ride:

Enjoying hot air balloon air during desert safari Abu Dhabi adventure gives you endless opportunities to explore the desert from a different perspective. Usually, this tour starts at sunset or sunrise duration to explore the beauty of nature.

4# Take pictures with falcons in the desert:

The falcons in the desert can fly up to 4,000 feet. Usually, kids love to take pictures with falcons in the desert. Do not get worried! They are trained by professionals.Watching the falcon flying in the air during a hot air balloon ride is a matchless experience.

5# Go for a camel ride:

The most exciting activity of the desert safari Abu Dhabi in 2021 is the camel ride. The camel is a humble and lovely animal to enjoy a ride to the campsite.Riding on a camel gives you amazing feelings especially kids feel overwhelmed during this ride.

6# Try sandboarding:

Do not forget to try sandboarding during the desert safari Abu Dhabi adventure. It is full of fun to slide down through the dunes on the board. Strap it on your feet and ask your friend to push you down a little. Let’s the magic! The force of gravity will attract you.

7# Explore the wild life:

You will fully discover a wide range of wild life during desert safari adventure. The wild life protection agencies have carefully preserved the wild life in UAE. It is not less than fun to explore Sand Cat, Barbary Falcon, Rupell’s Fox, Sand Gazelle, Arabian Oryx, Arabian Sand Gecko, Egyptian Spiny-tailed Lizard (Dhub), etc.