Different Types of Private Jets

Different Types of Private Jets

Private Jets

While many private jets may have similar characteristics, they all are of various sizes and purposes. A jet may be compact or capable of going long ranges. Some may even be super-light and provide a purpose that is only needed for a short amount of time. Regardless of what the need is, there are 8 different types of jets used privately that you can take advantage of while you fly. And although there are only 8 types of jets, these types are broad categories that include features that you will most likely enjoy and use.

1- The Very Light Jet

A very light jet is the smallest jet design and offers an affordable option for many. Plus, this type can utilize any type of runway. Because of this, the options are wide for solo passengers, although the maximum can accommodate 7. Because of the limited seating with these jets, the space they have will mostly be for any luggage storage you may need.

2- The Super Light Jet

These types of private jets provide comfort on top of the ample amount of luggage space. The cabin is spacious and allows for 8 passengers. These can also land at smaller airports and airstrips. With the majority of airports having big crowds, these jets are able to employ accommodating services involving landing and boarding.

3- The Small Light Jet

A small light jet is popular among many because of the range it can go. These jets are also compact and can land at regional airports easily. As opposed to other light jets, you will be comfortable during the whole flight and be able to use the restroom without having to wait until the 2-3 hours flight is over.

4- The Ultra Long Range Heavy Private Jet

This heavy private jet can go long-range at a single stretch without making a stop. The cabin space is plentiful and you can put your feet up to relax and even enjoy in-flight entertainment such as movies and videos. The seating is plentiful and permits a maximum of 17 passengers. You can expect a high amount of comfort and elegance with these jets.

5- The Midsize Cabin Jet

Having a larger cabin, the midsize is perfect for frequent travelers who are traveling long distances. The midsize cabin style provides a considerable amount of headroom, area to stand and allows you to remain productive while flying to a destination and remain in contact with the ground.

A lavatory is onboard, as well as a galley and flight attendant. The facilities involve a shower, Wi-Fi, and divans that fold out.

6- The Super Midsize

A super-midsize jet has enough space for standing and walking. A full galley and lavatory are included on top of the spacious cabin that allows for comfortable long flights. These types of jets have a long-range on top of the speed. With perfect avionics, the flight is easily noise-free for however long the flight lasts.

7- The Heavy Jet

The traveler who needs to travel constantly will benefit greatly from a heavy jet. They allow for a great amount of space so that your legs can stretch out. With a cabin being extra spacious, the features will look extravagant. These features may include phone service, bathrooms, a sleeping area for 10 passengers, and Wi-Fi.

8- Private Jetliners

These jets are modified commercial jets that provide the most comforts and perks seen among private jets. The majority of passengers of these types of jets include the President and other dignitaries and world leaders. As part of the perks, they will include full bathrooms with showers, conference rooms, an onboard lounge, and suites.

Due to their ability to fly the furthest, the private jetliner is also capable of flying no matter what the weather is like.


No matter what your private jet needs are, it is important to keep the type of jet in mind. This way, you have the proper jet that is right for your needs. If you are planning to fly private soon, it is a good idea to call ahead to ensure the type of jet you need will be available.