Wholesale Software: Manage Whole Distribution Better Than Before

Wholesale Software: Manage Whole Distribution Better Than Before

Wholesale Software

Wholesale Software companies act as an intermediator between the manufacturers and the retailers, and in the end, the consumers. These are the companies that buy products in bulk from the manufacturers, stores them, and finally transport them to the retailers, where the goods are finally sold to the end customers.

Now, all of these might sound very simple, but in reality, it is not at all easy to manage such large inventories, procuring the products from manufacturers, stock everything, sending the products to different retailers, maintaining orders, invoicing, accounting, and a lot more – as a distributor, they have a tough job on hand.

So, implementing software or wholesale software can make the range of processes involved in the wholesale business much simpler, quicker, and efficient.

What is wholesale software?

However, Wholesale software or wholesale distribution software is a solution that makes all-important business processes involved in the wholesale business like a fiancé, shipping, manufacturing, inventory, warehouse, CRM, and all other processes integrated at one place and data sharing. This aids a wholesale business with the automation of workflows and operations to be conducted quickly without any flaws.

It allows maintaining data from across all resources of an organization at a centralized location, enabling the critical process to be conducted automatically, reducing manual efforts and thereby the chances of human errors.

Some of the key benefits of wholesale software are:

 CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Without customers there is no sale, and hence no profits and no business. With enhanced efficiency in business from all aspects, you will be left with satisfied and happy customers. All your customer data and preferences are maintained and you have more customers, wanting more.

Order Management

The software manages the processes right from the time of sales to the time an order is fulfilled. The software is programmed to manage quotes and compile everything, thereby reducing errors in billing with an integrated workflow of finance, sales, and order fulfillment.

Warehouse Management

Managing single or multiple warehouses is easy using wholesale software. But it helps to optimize, storing, defining, and configuring inventory through various aspects of the system.

Requisition Management

Therefore, the software can organize distribution processes that are very complex and involves multiple products and vendors. The software aids you in obtaining bids, manage requests, handle purchases, create and approve quotes, and fulfill all order requirements.

Financial Management

The software supports a wide range of localizations, legal and product reporting, and payments through its financial management tools. You get full financial reports in addition to expense management, asset accounting, and intelligence accounting features.

Supply Chain Planning

This feature helps with things like order promises, demand management, and value chain planning. So, the software has the added feature of connections with supply chain planning. That adds a lot of extra capabilities to your work processes.

Sales analysis

However, this tool helps your business to predict sales through trends and demands, allowing you to determine your revenue and profits. Through this feature, you can even determine the profits margins from different customers too.