What things you can do in order to separate yourself from Alcohol?

What things you can do in order to separate yourself from Alcohol?


Are you often faced with a lot of life pressure and emotional distress and often use alcohol to relieve your sorrow? In fact, current clinical research investigations have found that most alcoholics have more serious emotional problems than they did before drinking. Drinking is not an appropriate way to relieve stress. The only way to address the source of the problem and emotional problems is to seek help from outside sources.

Alcoholism refers to when a person is unable to control alcohol, which leads to obstacles or impairments in cognitive, behavioral, physical, social functions, and interpersonal relationships. If an alcohol abuser continues to drink, once he regards drinking as more important than anything else, he needs to drink it anytime, anywhere, and he feels comfortable after drinking, he has reached the level of addiction.

Characteristics of long-term persistent alcoholism

  • The production of alcohol tolerance: It takes more alcohol to achieve the same effect as before, which is an indicator of alcohol dependence. However, in the late stage of alcoholism, due to the deterioration of liver function, the patient’s tolerance will be reduced. As a result, although the patient drank less alcohol than before, the phenomenon of alcoholism immediately appeared.
  • Alcohol withdrawal symptoms: When you stop drinking, the body will have a very uncomfortable reaction. This is called alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Symptoms include: night sweats, hand tremors, increased heartbeat, irritability, restlessness, insomnia, vomiting, etc. Temporary hallucinations (such as seeing a wall moving, or feeling like there are many ants or bugs crawling on the body), severe cramps, unconsciousness and death may even occur.

Treatment of alcoholism

The causes of alcoholism are multifaceted, and its treatment requires more cooperation and perseverance.

  • Acute hospitalisation: drug therapy can lessen the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, which can reduce the danger of life during professional treatments.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: Non-governmental mutual aid organizations have these alcohol-free groups all over the world, through the power of group and faith help to increase the motivation to stop drinking.
  • Psychotherapy: According to the background and problem needs of alcoholics, it is recommended to cooperate with individual and family psychotherapy.

The Law of Quit Drinking

The following are some of the rules of life for abstinence from alcohol, we invite you to try it out:

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  • Make a change in your thinking: face yourself honestly and admit that you need to be helped.
  • Make a decision: Make up your mind to stop drinking and start taking action.
  • Explore yourself and accept yourself: truly explore your own inner thoughts, emotions and behaviors.
  • The way to solve the problem: how to face the current problem? Think about it, where is the analysis problem? Are there any ways to solve it? Look for the help of resources, don’t fight alone.
  • Learn the secret recipe for relieving sorrows: To understand the sorrows in your heart, besides drinking, you can also think about what you can do to relieve your sorrows.
  • Tips for refusal to drink: Know how to bravely say “no” when someone invites to drink.
  • When you make a mistake: Don’t blame yourself, adjust your mood and don’t let yourself drink it again.

If all the tips don’t work for you then visit the Alcohol Rehab in Pune as soon as possible.