What Is The Difference Between A Plain Kurta And A Stylish Kurta?

What Is The Difference Between A Plain Kurta And A Stylish Kurta?

Plain Kurta


Plain kurtas were the regular outfits for adult men even a few decades ago in India. If you try to memorise your grandfather or, other elderly members of your family you will always end up remembering them wearing a plain, comfortable kurta at home. Just open up your old black & white album, I can bet you will find lots of photos of your beloved elders wearing a kurta. They were not only used at home but for every other casual purpose as well. The prime reason was comfort fit and the fabric they are made of. These plain kurtas can be worn throughout the day. Plain kurta for men is still widely popular throughout India excluding metro cities to some extent. Plain kurtas are available in various solid colours with the utmost comfort fit for regular usages. They are made of soft cotton for all-day comfort.

Well, stylish kurta for men is also considered as one of the most popular ethnic wear for Indian men. Men feel comfortable wearing them on various occasions as they provide a smart look and the ultimate comfort together. When you are planning to wear a kurta for an occasion or, a festival you cannot opt for the plain ones. You must choose some stylish kurta for men with a more traditional look. You can choose kurta-pajamas in Sherwani style. You can add a broach or, a dupatta with it to have a perfect traditional look. You can also choose to wear a kurta that has intricate work of embroidery all over it. Men also love to wear traditional kurtas having Jari work for special occasions. One thing is quite understandable that a stylish kurta for men is way more gorgeous and a bit heavier than the regular plain kurtas. Men’s clothing has evolved through the times, people are now innovating new ways of styling, mixing up the traditional and contemporary.

Usage during various events

Daily purpose

You can use plain kurta for men daily at home. They are one of the most comfortable outfits to wear in any season. You can also wear them out for any casual encounters like going to market or, a nearby shop. The daily usage of plain kurta is more popular in rural and urban areas as compared to metro cities.

Casual Outing

Though it is not common nowadays to wear a kurta while going for an outing but wearing them rarely on such events can refresh your look and can make you look stand out from others in the gathering. One thing to make sure that you must choose a plain kurta for men or, a kurta having some sober self-design for such events. You need to avoid kurtas flaunting any showiness in such casual encounters. You can pair them with white pajamas or, you can simply wear them with your favourite denim as well.


Wearing kurtas during Indian festivals like Dussehra, Diwali or, Eid is very common among Indian men. You can wisely wear a sober plain kurta for men in attractive solid colours accompanies by a black half-sleeve jacket or, coat with white pajamas to have a perfect festive traditional look. You can wear a pair of Kolhapuri chappals with a hint of Jari on them to add more spark to your outfit.


If you are planning to attain an Indian fat wedding then you can always opt for a traditional Sherwani with gorgeous embroidery on it. You can accompany the same with a dupatta or, a kilani or, a broach to have a pure Indian ethnic touch.