We’re a Proficient Landscape Company, and We Serve Clients With Properties.

We’re a Proficient Landscape Company, and We Serve Clients With Properties.

Tree and Lawn Care

Landscaping Houston:

The Landscaper squad at 100%TLC can plant, till, mow, and pollinate your yard. We deliver excellent quality general Tree and Lawn Care services for small, medium, and large tons. Our Landscaping Houston servicer is a practiced landscaper who identifies how to offer you the design you have in mind. Let us help you plan and shape the yard that ropes all your outdoor amusement requirements. We can add pavers and stone products to generate pathways to and from your building.

Participating in Landscaping: Why it is Worth It?

If you have been bearing in mind landscaping, you may have been surprised that outdoor work can be fairly an asset.  Yet, most proprietors find that the speculation is well worth it.  Not sure if the benefits offset the budgets? You may just be amazed at how valuable landscaping can be.

Upsurge Your Home Value:

Even if you aren’t looking to vend your home, participating in landscaping can upsurge the overall value of your home. By enhancing their outdoor spaces, many proprietors see a return on their investment of up to 150%.  So, not only do you get an attractive space to enjoy, but you also raise the value of your home.

Enhance Curb Appeal:

There is a lot of pride that comes from having a lovely home.  Most people would love to have “that house” that goes skulls.  New or modernized Landscaping Houston design basics can help to upraise the overall curb demand of your home.  Big or small, there are very much great essentials that can be added to improve the construction of your home such as water landscapes, higher flower beds, patios, pool remodeling and so much more. An excessive landscape architect can assist you to make a plan that will make your home the talk of the zone.

Maximize Your Living Space:

Great landscape design will let you increase your living space.  You can make supplementary areas that are an extension of your home that will give you additional space to fold as a family or with friends. A flawlessly deliberate outdoor space can efficiently increase the fair footage of your home without stroking an accumulation on your home.  Outdoor living space is the greatest of both worlds. And, if prearranged right, can be appreciated continually.

100%TLC Would Love to Support You Make a Unique Outdoor Space:

100%TLC enjoys working with our neighbors in and around the Houston area. We like projects, both big and small, and are acquainted with local architecture and plant life.  We would love the prospect to meet with you to converse your requirements and your needs and then bring it all to life for you. Contact us or call today at our specified number to plan a meeting!


We are a full-service commercial and housing landscaper, Tree and Lawn Care, and irrigation company in Houston ready to help your desires. Whether you need the design and installation of a new landscape project counting irrigation, drainage, water features, and cascades or are looking for quality lawn preservation and Houston lawn care earner of the highest quality, our Houston landscaper specialists can make it happen.

You can ask any time for me so that we can help answer any of your Houston irrigation, landscape, Tree and Lawn Care, or maintenance queries. Don’t overlook to ask me about a lovely spout, waterfall, landscape design, or bower for your deck or patio. For a few models of our work, please contact us to view our gallery. We look onward to meeting you in person!


  • Design & Plan
  • Install & renovate
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Tree Trimming & Removal
  • Seasonal Renovations
  • Organic fertilization
  • Plant Care Program
  • Horticulture Specialist Services
  • Irrigation Install & Repair Services
  • Outdoor Lighting Install & Services

The products we put on are safe and effective.

Our organic-based manure averts turf to burn in the summer and covers no needless chemicals, making it harmless for people and pets. Our specialists find the wildflowers in your lawn and spray them with a choosy weed killer that is safe for your grass but kills tidies within 7 to 10 days.

Another advantage to 100%TLC is our commitment to customer fulfillment with quality work and free service calls between applications. With our quality products and additional consideration to attaining the best possible outcomes, your satisfaction is certain.