Ways to avoid being an obsessive wife 

Ways to avoid being an obsessive wife 

obsessive wife 

Love in marriage could lead partners to be a tad obsessive, wanting to spend every hour of the day together. However, submerging yourself in the way could soon turn into an all-consuming preoccupation. If you get attached emotionally, it is not hard to start assuming that the person with whom you are in love has the same desires and feelings. Often, it could be frightening for your partner to find that your inner feeling has turned obsessive. Better to avoid pulling the person from your dreams, and rein in the fixation to restore the relationship’s balance.

⦁ Spot your obsession: sometimes addictive behavior in the romantic context tends to involve being continuously busy with the loved one, after a divorced marriage people face issues as they are obsessed with their partner and resulting in ending up their marriage. When you love someone you want to be with him all day long and contriving it so that you end up spending time together as much as possible. Love obsession may lead you to presume the partner you love want you as much, causing you to inject yourself into all part of their life, whether it be family, work, home, and so on, offering unanswered support, advice and remodeling even through there’s no indication any of this is wanted or useful. In many cases, addictiveness is the flip side of jealousy, in that case, you wish you have such characteristics as the person you love and in a similar way you are trying to adopt your partner’s character for yourself by being constantly present.

⦁ Cross-check your feelings: you may find yourself quite exhausted, whenever you spend some time together, as you are busy concentrating on the two of you without taking a break. You may be focused on the quantity of time rather than quality, even if it might feel aimless.

⦁ Ask yourself inner sense why you need to mesh so completely with another person- perhaps you may answer this alone by simply working through the questioning then and finding reasons.

⦁ It is a fairly common phenomenon to become addictive at the initial phase of the relationship. As everything is blooming even though it is your second shaadi profile you feel so scared and excited at the same time. You know this is not the first time you are feeling this way, you may let go of guilt and concentrate instead on dealing with it healthily.

⦁ Keep up with your friends and hobbies: the key to being in a healthy relationship is to balance things, rather than hanging out together every possible moment. Couples need time apart to re-establish their identities; moreover, time spent apart helps to define the boundaries of who you are a part of your relationship in your partner’s eyes too. Remember who you are by reconnecting with your friends and relatives; or involve yourself in those old hobbies which help you to be happy and engaged with your roots. Suggest your partner do the same.