Vanessa Laine Bryant – A complete information about her

Vanessa Laine Bryant – A complete information about her

Vanessa Laine Bryant

We are all familiar with the striking face of Vanessa Laine Bryant, better known as Vanessa Cornejo. Born as Cornejo Laine in Belize, Vanessa’s parents, father Stephen Laine and Sofia Laine were illegally allowed to enter the United States, and because of this illegal status, her father was arrested and sent to prison for 10 years. Her mother then attempted to follow suit but was arrested as well. This put them both in the position of having to leave their daughter alone in order to care for themselves.

Vanessa is a dancer, and so she took to dance professionally, even performing at the 1984 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. But it was not until much later that Vanessa began to focus more on modeling. Modeling, however, did not lead her to fame, but rather infamy. In one music video, “Break Your Neck”, Vanessa laine Bryant displays a rather flabby and thin body. She attributes to an imbalanced diet. This appearance became the basis for a cover story in the music video for the song Break Your Neck, by the band Survivor.

It was not until the release of the music video for Survivor that anyone knew who this blonde girl was. However, in the music video, a rather large and rather buxom blonde woman can be seen standing next to her boyfriend, which is a rather obvious sign that Vanessa laine Bryant is, in fact, a model. Even though other models might have been considered for this video, such as Pamela Anderson, it seems that Vanessa laine Bryant was the right one for the job. As it turns out, this blonde beauty is quite good at both modeling and acting.

Who does she look like though?

Well, according to the official website for American Model magazine, she has this beauty mark in her neck area, which is actually referred to as a subnasal liposuction scar. This is a cosmetic procedure, which involves removing unwanted fat, muscle, or skin using an endoscopic camera. For Vanessa, the endoscopic camera was something she had not been overly familiar with when she first got cast as a model in Los Angeles, California. She had moved from England, where she had been modeling since she was 16, so it was a shock for her to find that she would have to relocate to this country for work. It was also a shock for her to learn that she would have to pay out of pocket for the plastic surgery.

So, what else went wrong for Vanessa?

Apparently, being a member of the American Idol was not the right choice for her. Because in the show, she was typically seen as a boyish figure who wears too much makeup and is rather stiff. So it turned out that in the end, becoming a basketball player was what she wanted to do. Now, is there any correlation between becoming a basketball player and being a good singer? I honestly doubt it, but there are a lot of positives associated with each one. So while you probably cannot use your singing to get signed to the NBA. You can be a pretty good singer and still sign with them.

First off, did you know that Vanessa’s real name is Victoria Lawrence? Yes, that’s her real name, not a nickname, and no, she is not a nickname. According to the official biography on the American Model website, her full name is Vanessa Lanne,. She is a former actress, dancer, and motivational speaker who studied acting at university. You might not have known that, but according to the NY Daily News, Vanessa was one of the youngest ever to be listed at the Miss World Teen pageant, which she won in 1994.

Hollywood actress:

That leads me to my next point, which is that she has frequented a lot of Hollywood areas. And is said to be very familiar with the L.A. culture. This is because she spent a lot of time in and around the town of Hollywood for modeling purposes. In fact, according to the US Weekly, she is friends with several women from Hollywood. As well as former models Alvis Diggler and Stevie Nicks. So, it would appear that she knows how to handle the business end of it. While also having a great deal of fun doing it. Read more about Ines de Ramon.


Now, back to my point, which is that Vanessa Lane Bryant is a great singer. And I am not necessarily saying that she is better than Natalia, nor that she sings better than Gianna. But, she does have a much more interesting voice, and it has a nice bounce to it. I think it is mostly her looks that lead people to compare her to Natalia Stenberg, as opposed to their look comparing to Gretchen Wilson, because both of those girls are considered to be pretty. Anyway, comparing their looks doesn’t mean that Vanessa is better looking, or at least better than Natalia, in my opinion. It simply means that I like them both, and if you do too, then by all means go listen to either one. And if you don’t, then at least listen to both.