Ultimate Goa Travel Guide for the first-time traveler!

Ultimate Goa Travel Guide for the first-time traveler!



We’ve all been through a “let’s take a trip to Goa” debate at some point… In the end, we’re in Goa, so why wouldn’t we? Goa has plenty to provide. It’s brimming with exotic climate, vibrant nightlife along with culture and natural beauty. Although it is the least populous state in India Goa is among the most frequented tourist destinations. 

Goa is a popular destination for visitors from North Goa and South Goa. This article is a good summary of the travel tips for all travelers who are looking forward to a wonderful Goa experience. The ideal time to go to Goa is during the dry winter months which run from the period between November and March. This is the most popular time for tourists, and also the most pleasant weather you could ever hope for.

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1. Travel

Train or fly and get to Mumbai From there, you can pick between buses, trains, or even cars. My favorite is the train because where you’ll also see the breathtaking views of the outskirts of Goa and the stunning trees, as well as the stunning sunset that’s impossible to forget.

2. Stay

There are a variety of choices for where you can stay in Goa:

a) Airbnb:

The details of the accommodation are available on the website and you can visit wherever you want could be as villas, private rooms as well as other hotels.

b) Couchsurfing:

The Goa residents Goa are extremely welcoming! You can stay free with the locals and make your way through Goa’s city.

c) Beach Shacks:

Do you want to soak in the gorgeous sunsets at the beach while sipping a refreshing drink in your bed? Beach shacks are for you.

d) Friends are the best!

Do you have friends who live in Goa? Ask them to stay with you and then stay over at their house. If there are no other friends nearby, start to form a network.

3. The process of finding your way around Goa

Are you looking to discover the wonders of Goa’s travels with colleagues or with some of your locals? Get a car rental! Explore the city. It is also possible to take local buses to travel.

4. Are you ready to party?

a) Are you looking to party? Then go to Tito’s Club where you’ll be able to bring out the wild side of you.

b) If you want to hear live music? Come to “Cafe Mambos”

c) If you’re looking to sail on through the ocean? Go to the boat club for an unforgettable cruise event.

5. You are looking for something affordable

a) Wanting to escape the world and spend your time in peace? Then make sure you go to “Sinquerim Beach” and relax at the monument that depicts Portugal’s defense against Dutch Fort Aguada. Admire the gorgeous Arabian sea views while you sit at the fort along with your loved ones.

b) Why not have an open bonfire with music on Candolim’s beach, and take advantage of the opportunity to take in the beauty of Goa in the evening?

c) Are you looking to recreate Dil Chahta Hai moments then do go to Chapora fort. Chapora fort and admire the views of the Arabian sea from every angle and the stunning “Vagator beach”

d) Are you looking to explore your historical side? go to the “Basilica of Bom Jesus” A church in old Goa that houses the body of a saintly missionary “Saint Francis Xavier” and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

It is a. If you haven’t visited the famous Goa beaches, then your vacation is not complete! Goa offers a wide variety of beaches, including “Vegatore Beach,” Calangute Beach, Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Colva Beach” and many more.

6. Things to take part in

a) If you’re a water lover, then Goa is the place for you. It is possible to participate in a variety of activities such as parasailing Jet Skiing, Windsurfing, Sea diving, and many more.

b) It is possible to see an intelligent marine creature. try the dolphin-spotting cruise.

c) Are you willing to risk it all? take a look at casinos in and around Goa and enjoy playing poker, blackjack, and many other games.

Note from us:

Goa is a city where you should go to break the routine. You’ll get tired after having fun. Plan your trip so you can take in all things that Goa has to offer. Make sure to try the delicious food options if you’re in Goa as the food is amazing and you’ll be glad you did. Be sure to carry a minimum of cash, and be aware of pickpockets. It isn’t just about its party and nightlife mood, but also about its sunset and its rich history, its traditions, its street entertainment as well as its natural beauty, and its wonderful people. If you’re worried that your tour will cost a lot, take a look at the following tour guide. You’ll thank us later.