Traditional Asian Fashion and All You Need to Know

Traditional Asian Fashion and All You Need to Know


The culture of Asia encompasses the collective and diverse customs and traditions of art, architecture, music, literature, lifestyle, philosophy, politics and religion that have been practiced and maintained by the numerous ethnic groups of the continent of Asia since prehistory. Asian clothing is all about the trends that are somehow knitted to the cultural values. Vibrant Colours and unique prints are one of the most important aspect of Asian Fashion.

Asian fashion is a combination of modish trends and typical trends that are already adopted by most of the Asian men and women. Asian dresses that are most commonly seen are the shalwar kurta, pajama kurta for men. Moreover, women are seen wearing long dresses from shalwar kameez to sari. The sari dress is all about a long fabric that covers the women lower body and a blouse that is worn on the upper body. The sari dress fashion is most commonly followed by the South Asians.

Asian Fashion
Asian Fashion

South Asian Fashion Dresses and Attire

South Asian fashion attire is all about Draped and wrapped garments are the most common form of clothing for both men and women in South Asia.  The South Asian women wear the sari, colourfully patterned pieces of cloth draped around the upper body and worn over a long blouse and pants. Men wear the kurta pajama, a knee length or longer shirt with loose drawstring pants.  Footwear is either sandals or slip-on shoes that makes the walk comfortable with such long dress.

The fashion kept on fluctuating that brings new trends to the old traditions. the fashion changes like there are times when the long sleeved blouse are in fashion sometimes half sleeves or quarter sleeves looks inn. Now a days half sleeves are seen to be out of fashion. The length of the blouse also keep on changing between short and long.

Asian Fashion
Asian Fashion

Pakistan Traditional Shalwar Kameez

As Pakistan is also the part of South Asia so it has a self-same customs and traditions like other Asian countries.   First and foremost the Shalwar Kameez.  The Shalwar is a pajama like trousers, which is drawn in a tight manner at the waist and the ankles. Depending on its style and personal choice, how tight or loose  it is, does vary. Accompanying the Shalwar is the Kameez,  which is a long and comfortable tunic. The finishing touch to this outfit is the Dupatta which is a long scarf usually worn around the neck or covering the head.

The most common dress of Pakistan is Shalwar kameez. The regular Shalwar Kameez style is loose-fitting drawstring pants with gathers. This kind of style has proved to be very popular, just perfect for daily and special wear-outs.

Asian Fashion
Pakistani Shalwar Kameez

A variety of gorgeous traditional clothes

Other Asian Dresses like churidar pajama and kurta , sari are also some of the common dress of Pakistan. Sari dresses are mostly wore on wedding functions and some formal events. Like women shalwar kameez is also very common among the men of the state. Shalwar kameez is worn on the important events like weddings, cultural events, religious events and mostly on Fridays for Namaz e Jumma to casual daily wear.

Women have  different traditional trends like loose cut shalwars with knee length shirts which gives a desi and traditional look overall. While long shirts with shalwar and straight pants are always in fashion. Lehnga choli is one of the most common wear dress on the weddings embracing a full classy vibe.

From frocks to, Anarkali dresses, shalwar kameez everything looks super classy when worn on the accordance of events. When  we come onto the elegant style of the Saree.  The beauty of the 6 yard long cloth is that it can be worn in so many ways.  For example, you have the ‘nivi’ style being the most common where the cloth is wrapped around the body and the remaining end is thrown over the left shoulder to rest. Other styles being the ‘kacchha’ style and northern style.

Asian Fashion for Men and Boys

Men usually wear waistcoats and coats on shalwar kameez on formal events. Pajama and kurta is the most classy dress of men that can be worn with khussa, Peshawari chappal and kolapuri chapel on events like mehndi and Eid. Now a days banarsi fabric is not only used in women clothing but also men dresses. The waist coats are made of banarsi fabric that can be worn on different wedding events paired with one tone shalwar kameez or kurta pajama.


The banarsi shawls with tussles on the ends are very inn in Asian fashion that looks super classy when paired with black shalwar kurta. Some of the men also wear banarsi pajamas with straight kurta od f different fabric with khussa and that looks elegant too. nothing goes out of fashion, there are just some alters to the old with new trends and that turns out to a new different thing.