Touristic New York: Things To See By Car

Touristic New York: Things To See By Car

New York

What do you think about the idea of renting a car in the biggest city of America – New York? Do you remember the pictures of NY streets? It seems that it would be faster to go anywhere on foot or catch a taxi. Nevertheless, your intention to travel by rental car is not that bad, especially if you know something about the streets of the city, interesting places to visit, and reliable car rental agencies you can deal with.

Of course, not everyone can afford to get around New York by car. What is more, planning to visit this city just for two days and not planning to leave Manhattan, it is recommended to get around by taxi or using public transport. But families or group travelers really need to download one or another rent-a-car app wanting to go visit different city districts or even go far from New York borders.

What to know when driving in New York

About cars

What kind of car is the best for your New York weekend? First of all, everything depends on how many people you have in the tourist group and what places you are going to visit. Thus, planning a city drive, you’d better rent a compact vehicle. Small cars are easy to park and drive. Planning to transport a big group of people with their numerous luggage, you can rent a passenger van. Are you going to leave the city straight to the beach or to the woods? Rent a minivan with a big boot that allows packing everything you may need on your trip, including sports gear.

About parking

Parking can be the most challenging chapter of your trip. New York is overcrowded with cars and people so you will always have problems with parking. Nevertheless, you always have several options such as underground garages, street parking, and, of course, hotel spots. You can hardly find free street parking in NYC, except for neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

So, what about parking garages? They are always available, but really expensive. Thus, to park your car in Manhattan you will pay $10 and $25 per hour. There are special parking apps, where you can find the nearest parking and learn their rates.

About tolls

Your car rental is a good idea if you deal with such a reliable agency as Traveling by car you will save much time and budget, as opposed to waiting for a bus or overpaying for a taxi. Nevertheless, city tolls are common and will take much of your travel budget. Always use GPS for staying on top of traffic situations.

New York Places to see from a car

1. Stop the car at Washington Square Park

This is a popular place for tourists and locals to gather together with any purpose. If you have some free time, stop the car and go out to take a pause, walk around, sit on a bench, watch the fountain, and beautiful buildings around the park. What a peaceful place!

2. Don’t miss Empire State Building

Have you ever driven around Manhattan? If so, you’ve probably noticed that famous building. This huge building is often met in different films and tourist booklets. The building is especially beautiful during sunset. So, rent a car and get your camera ready to take the most impressive New York pictures.

3. Walk around Bryant Park 

New York is proud of its big and small park areas. So, take your chance to hide from a noisy street and stop the car at Bryant Park. Even if you don’t have time to leave the car, just drive around the perimeter of the park to enjoy a beautiful view and green scenery. By the way, you can hit the nearest shop and arrange a picnic on the grass in the park. Don’t forget a blanket.

4. Drive along the 5th Avenue 

Everyone heard about one of the most glamorous streets in New York. When you rent a car you can drive down the avenue to see the best shops in the city. Everything that is high-fashioned and high-rated is situated here. Of course, the architecture of the street buildings is also impressive. What is more, if you are tired from hitting shops and stores, stop the car at Central Park. It is situated over here.

5. Go to see Red Hook, Brooklyn

This beautiful area is known as the western edge of Brooklyn. The waterfront neighborhood can boast its marvelous views and numerous shops and restaurants. Of course, the main shop that everyone wants to visit is IKEA. There was a time when this part of Brooklyn was filled with ships and docks. Now, you’ll see a well-cared territory, perfect for picnics.

6. Go to Queens to see the Rockaways

Rent a car and go to the south edge of New York. In reality, most of the tourists go to visit Queens as spring sets in. It takes you about 30 minutes to get to Rockaway Beach. You can hardly find as much nice and a less crowded place as the beach at Coney Island. It’s time to leave your car on the parking spot and walk around. Traveling to New York in the summer, you have a chance to swim and surf.

7. Stop at Flushing, Queens

Queens is known for its beautiful beach areas and Chinatown. As you already know Chinatown is home to many restaurants and atmospheric cafes. If you like Asian food, you should try it here. You can drive your car a bit further to reach more restaurants, serving Korean food.

New York is a city where you can have the best relaxing day. What is more, you don’t even need to leave your rental car to see the beauty of the city.