Top Services Of Online Quran Academy

Top Services Of Online Quran Academy

Online Quran Academy

A book full of miracle, words of Allah Almighty is Holy Quran. Insha’Allah we get success in every field of life with Quran education. Masha’Allah many Muslims have memorized the Holy Quran in the heart. Understanding the Holy Quran is important as well as recitation and reading. Make a daily routine for reciting the Holy Quran. The book is not for shelves, but for you to read and understand. 

But now another facility for the Muslim community is the online Quran learning platforms with qualified tutors. 

Services provided by online Quran academy

The online Quran academy provides a list of courses for you. Many Quran courses are available here and you can easily get these courses

  • 10 Qirat course
  • Applied Tajweed course
  • Female Quran tutors
  • Quran for Beginners 
  • Online Quran reading 
  • Quran for kids
  • Quran memorization 
  • Quran recitation 
  • Quran with translation
  • Read the Quran with Tajweed
  • Islamic study courses
  • Kalimas 
  • Namaz
  • Duas

Online Quran reading for kids

A flexible way to read and recite the Holy Quran. In this course, your kids learn the Holy Quran from home. First, the tutor teaches them the basic Qaida for understanding. After that the proper Quran reading start. With skilled tutor’s kids, small girls, young people, and also all age’s people can easily read the Holy Quran online from the best tutors. 

Applied Tajweed course

With love and passion the students seek more knowledge, so don’t force your kids for learning but with love tell about the importance of the Holy Quran education. In this way, they attract to the Holy Quran and read Quran with Tajweed. In this course, your kids find the basic rules of tajweed and learn in online classes. 

Quran for beginners 

You can seek quickly the thing you love. So with a deep heart understand the Quran learning, the best tutors tell the Islamic stories to the kids to make a great bond with Quran. At the beginner’s age, the learning is best. So the Quran for beginner’s course is available for you on an online platform. Kids afraid to go to Madrassa because the Qari are so strict but the online Quran Tutor teaches them with a kind heart. 

10 Qirat course

You can recite the Holy Quran with different sounds, so the online Quran teacher teaches you 10 Qirat courses. Each type having a different sound and way of recitation. Due to the authentication chain of Rawi, the Qirat is established in the world. 

Online Quran Translation 

Many of the Muslims are non-Arab and don’t understand Arabic but with the translation, you can easily. So the online Quran translation course is best for such students. In your native language, they provide the translation course. 

Quran memorization course

Many parents need a Hifz course for their kids because they want to memorize the Holy Quran to their kids. So the online Quran memorization course is provided by an online academy with skilled tutors. Memorization is a very complex task and time-consuming. For small girls, the Online Female Quran tutor also available. The tutors having the techniques to make the Quran memorization easy for kids.