Top Rated Places To Visit in Goa on Your Holidays

Top Rated Places To Visit in Goa on Your Holidays

Goa is one of the paradises in India, where you get maximum tourist influx from all over the world. This place is an attraction as it offers excellent places to escape, and the weather of Goa is soothing, especially if you visit between November to February. The beaches are tremendously beautiful, filled with wonderful experiences of golden sand where you can play volleyball, hang out with friends, and enjoy personal time with loved ones, plus witnessing dolphins which look fantastic when they appear. 

Goa is not famous because of its beach; it also has colonial architecture and locality, which enhance the interior of this city. Moreover, you may witness sacred spiritual places like temples and churches, which should be included in your trip list. 

There are small flea markets, where you get pretty much everything you enjoy while in Goa, like clothes, handmade crafts, and jute material bags & slippers. Also, there are various alcoholic drinks like Feni, which have different flowers. 

The culture and tradition of Goa are everyone’s primary demand, as it is unique and extraordinary. Last but not least, the food dishes are delightful, which you should try on your visit. 

Visiting Goa gives you next-level vibes. If you are a person who likes night parties and chilling with your friends, Goa nightlife is perfect for you. You can visit the beaches in the evening, where the wind is so soothing, and the beaches are tranquil and pleasant. 

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Explicit Uniqueness of Goa 

Conservatory of Butterfly

It is one of the most beautiful places in Goa when you witness the lush greenery and plantation. You can see an extensive range of butterflies that look very impressive and wonderful. Add this place to your trip list, as it is also something people wish to go to.

Popular Beaches 

Beaches are the main attraction of Goa, and some beaches provide the most extraordinary experience. There is a beach named Palolem Beach, which is crescent-shaped and looks beautiful in view, surrounded by the Arabian Sea. The beaches offer unique water events which are adventurous, like sightseeing dolphins, snorkeling, and kayaking. 

One more beach is also very famous named, Colva Beach, which is the main attraction of Indians, as you can enjoy the beach, which is filled with shimmering white sand and crystal blue water. This offers festive activities like banana boat riding, bird-eye-view tour by parasailing, and jet skis, which are also unique activities to do.

Tito’s Lane

Titos Lane is one of the most visited areas in Goa, where people go for clubbing and socializing. This place is so crowded because of its party vibes. The price of drinks and food is slightly higher, but the ambiance of this place is impeccable.

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar falls, one of India’s blissful waterfalls is on the wishlist of every traveller. This waterfall is 1017 meter high, which looks very beautiful from far, and you can witness it from the train. If you want to see this fall, you can trek from Kulem, where you must follow the jeep trail. The best time to witness this fabulous place is during the monsoon when the fall looks more bright, and the weather condition is so soothing.

You can also trek this fall from Castle Rock, Karnataka. You should carry stuff helpful for trekking, so if you face any problems, you can help yourself. Also witness the lush greenery of dense forest with pleasant bird voices while trekking, making the environment mesmerizing. So do visit this place with your family and friends. 

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church 

This beautiful church was built in 1619 and still looks astonishing because of its white and blue marble. Plus, the interior of this place is so colorful, which makes your visit an exquisite one. The best time to enjoy this church’s event is on the special day of 8 December, which is dedicate to the feast of our lady’s immaculate conception. This place is in the capital city of Goa, Panaji, which has been the most beautiful spiritual landmark for centuries.

Cruise Ride 

Cruise rides are the best to explore nature’s beauty, where you can have a fantastic ride on a cruise ship in the ocean. You also witness the beautiful sunset view, which is alluring in the evening. Plus, there are live music concerts and shows which give an authentic vibe to your ride, and you also take food and drinks from the resto-bar. There is also a casino on the cruise ship for people who like gambling. So if you are one of those who like it they can try their luck and there could be a chance to come back with good money. Plus, with dancing shows and ballroom, there are decks from where you can hear the blissful sound of the river water dapple. 


In addition, these are the must-visit unique places and activities you should include in your list. They are authentic and memorable, and you can have an impeccable experience from these activities. So if you are planning a budget-friendly trip, choose Goa, as there are fantastic Goa tour packages from Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi. These packages will save your expenses on accommodation, transportation, and food charges.