Tips to Mix and Match your Outfits

Tips to Mix and Match your Outfits


The Art of Mix and Match

It’s time to get creative and make your fits pop. Get your creative shoes on, it’s time to mix it up. You can reinvent your wardrobe and learn how to put random pieces together to create new looks. If you have lots of tops, womens scarves and separate bottoms, then get creative and start experimenting. It is time to give these a DIY twist and try different variations. Revamp your wardrobe without going on a shopping spree. This can be more economical and interesting too. 

However, if something is missing then Khaadi is the one-stop fashion destination you need to check out. Tops, bottoms, duppattas or accessories, you can get it all from Khaadi and complete the outfit you are trying to put together. Khaadi has a full range of separates to help you get selective items. From separate shirts to perfectly tailored trousers and bottoms you can also explore the diverse range of stoles, dupattas and Outfits. 

Dupattas: The Absolute Must-Haves

For some women a traditional dress is never complete if you do not have a lovely dupatta to go with it. Not all shirts come with matching dupattas. First of all, look through your closet for dupattas that you already have rather than searching for dupattas online.You will surely find something to go with the ensemble from the items you already have. Otherwise, add the ethnic touch your traditional outfit needs with Khaadi dupattas. You can match any element from your shirt or trouser. However, it is not necessary that a pattern or a color must match your shirt. Sometimes contrast looks even better. 

Dupatta Fabrics

When it comes to fabrics, find cotton dupattas to go with your casual outfits as well as dupattas in lawn Outfits, cotton square, polyester doria, and more. For your formal outfits check the range of bamberg chiffon, silk, organza and cambric dupattas Khaadi offers.

Exclusive Range of Colorful Dupattas

If a shirt has too much going on, like excessive embroidery or print all over, then pair a plain dupatta to tone down the look. Khaadi offers plain, printed and embroidered dupattas in different fabrics. Check out the eye-catching color palette that will give you a variety in soft and subtle shades as well as some bold colors too.

For formal events, go for dupattas with embroideries or embellishments that can add to your look and  lift your outfit. It is not necessary to use a dupatta with one dress alone, you can try mixing and matching with different ensembles. A neutral variety comes in very handy so make sure you have a mix of casual and formal dupattas that you can pair with any outfit.  Next time when you want to do dupatta online shopping be sure to browse through the striking range Khaadi offers.

Spice Up Clothes with Colorful Scarves

Some women prefer the shorter versions of dupattas, also referred to as scarves or stoles. If that is what you want Khaadi has a nice variety of these. Find a diverse variety that can be perfect for casual or formal wear. These scarves look more appropriate with western wear. They can be used to add a pop of color to your otherwise dull outfits. There are many ways of carrying it too. The way you choose to style it will change the look of your ensemble. They can add a very sophisticated touch if you wear a scarf with a knot. The scarves are available in different materials that include lawn, cambric, cotton square, linen cotton and polyester doria. For formal wear choose embroidered scarves or scarves with embellishments or laces that are a bit fancy.

Classy and Comfortable Ladies Bottom Wear

If you can get separate ladies lower wear then half of your wardrobe problems are solved. The kind of bottom or pants you decide to wear with a shirt piece can transform the entire look. Suppose you have a basic kurti and a friends’ get-together is coming up or you are planning a casual day out. You can pair it with a nice loose trouser, tights or even jeans. To give the same kurti a formal touch, pair it with bell bottoms or cigarette pants. Add some nice heels to the mix and you are ready to steal the show. This is how you can keep trying different cuts in bottom wear for women to style your look.

So if you already have several shirts, purchase a few stylish ladies pants from Khaadi that you can wear with several kurtis, shirts or blouses. Check out the seperates categories and browse through the amazing collection of pants for women. These come in different sizes from size 8 to size 14 as well as free size. You can always refer to the measurement chart given along to get the right size. 

The ladies trousers/pants are mostly available in neutral shades. Tights or jeggings can also be bought. These are quite practical to wear and can go with both eastern and western tops. Other styles include straight pants, narrow culottes, boot cut pants, tapered pants, ripple crinkle pants, printed and plain bottoms as well as culottes.

The Traditional Shalwars for Women

Ladies’ lower wear can not be complete without the traditional shalwars. Khaadi has a beautiful variety of these. You can find different ladies’ shalwar designs with embroideries on the edges. Check out tulip shalwars, classic shalwars and loose ones in all sizes. Mostly these are available in white, beige and black shades. All shirts go with these colors and this is the reason they sell the most.

Refresh Your Wardrobe

Keep trying different things to add the interest element to your clothing. Combine colors, patterns and trousers in new ways. Stop thinking about sticking to predictable combinations. Invent your own unique style. Mix subtle with bold, traditional with western and sporty with feminine. So start mixing old with new and get matching. Happy experimenting!