Caring Tips for Your Emerald Zoysia all 4 Seasons

Caring Tips for Your Emerald Zoysia all 4 Seasons

Caring Tips for Your Emerald Zoysia all 4 Seasons

The sod is modified and genetically enhanced grass that has unique qualities. When it is installed and established, it gives a lush green look to the lawn. The maintenance of the sod grass is also essential to sustain the greenery of the Emerald Zoysia.

Emerald Zoysia Maintenance During Spring Season

Spring is the season when new leaves emerge, and the grass has a unique environment to grow. This is a period after winter when the growth of everything comes to a halt.

1. Applying fertilizer should be done carefully because the grass has been storing nutrients since autumn. The grass will first utilize this, and if there is any need, you can apply the fertilizer.

2. Winter brings ice and snow, and during spring, they melt. There is enough water already in the ground that you need not apply for more than an inch.

3. Many times the sod grass is in good condition and doesn’t need overseeding. You can call the experts to check if seeding is necessary or the sod grass will go on for all four seasons.

4. You must check if the grass has developed any issues or not. The problems will be visible after one or two weeks. As soon as the problems become apparent, try to control them immediately.

5. The best way to aerate the lawn is to use a rake and clear anything on the grass like twigs, fallen leaves, and other debris. Using a long rode make holes; so that the soil gets the air needed.

Summer Caring Tips

This is the season when you have to take care of the lawn the most. This is because people spend the majority of their time outdoors. You don’t want the lawn to look ugly or less green.

1. When you order the sod grass from wholesalers, including Atlanta Sod Farms, the installation team will inform you of the correct mowing method and the height to maintain.

2. The weather is hot in summer, which means water evaporates quickly. You have to select the right time and quantity of water. Morning time is recommended, and the amount is judged according to the soil type.

3. Summer is when the lawn issues like insects, weeds, and other diseases emerge. It is the best time to check and arrange for their eradication.

Maintenance Tips of Emerald Zoysia Sod for Autumn

Autumn is that time of the year when trees and plants shed their leaves. Also, the Emerald Zoysia Sod can turn brown and wither away; if not taken care of properly.

1. Thatch is a mixture of dead and living plants that have to be removed. If thatch is not taken care of, the grass will become dead, and you have to reinstall that specific patch.

2. Aeration in the fall is vital because the grass takes in maximum oxygen used during the winter.

3. The sod installers recommend applying fertilizers during Autumn; so that the nutrients reach the grass for the coming winter.

4. During the fall season, you have to water and mow the grass as suggested for the type you have installed.

Winter Care for the Grass

If you have installed cool-season grass, then the maintenance in winter will be more, but most people have warm-season sod grass. This grass hibernates during winter; still, some care is required.

1. Whatever preparations you have to do for winter care should be started at the earliest. The best time is during the end months of autumn.

2. The growth of sod grass doesn’t stop in the winter but slows down. People make the mistake of ignoring the lawn issues, which can be disastrous.

3. Clearing the grass is a good idea because it will remove all debris and let the soil breathe.

4. The growth of Emerald Zoysia comes to a halt, so water and mowing are not recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with sod after winter?

People forget to take care of the sod grass at the end of winter and spring. This is a critical period as problems can develop issues during this period. Raking the yard clear of debris, proper aeration, mowing when necessary, and overseeding as required.

How do you bring sod back to life?

Several methods can revive the sod back to life. If the grass needs additional water, then don’t hesitate. Aerate the ground properly. Keep a check on lawn issues. You can call the sod installation team to have it properly maintained.

Can brown grass turn green again?

Extended drought periods are the reason for lush green sod grass to turn brown. This situation can be turned back to normal, but you have to know the condition of the grass. Water little more than the recommended quantity can be applied. Sometimes applying fertilizer can help also.

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