The Advantages of Text Marketing Broadcast for Your Business

The Advantages of Text Marketing Broadcast for Your Business

Text Marketing Broadcast

Text message broadcasting is an excellent way to get the word out to a vast number of people all at once. Conventional simple message service campaigns usually focused on contacting individual consumers, each of whom had different needs and was looking for various types of products or services. Targeted broadcast campaigns are different in that they offer business owners the ability to reach huge swaths of their phone lists within a few moments.

Why Text Messages Never Fall Behind

One of the biggest advantages of text message broadcasting is the freedom to send out timely notices whenever something happens. These are far superior to push notifications since most cellular customers won’t ignore a text, even if they might ignore some other kind of message. Managers often turn to these as a way to let users know when their orders are in.

A form of text broadcasting is employed by some of the top enterprise-level organizations to send out tracking data whenever something ships, for instance. By integrating a customer relationship management database with a simple text app, this process can be completely automated. Consumers will receive notifications even if they place an order in the middle of the night. Chances are that your customers have their phones on throughout most of their day, so they’ll always be ready to receive a missive whenever you have something to send them out.

The ability to reach out to huge groups of people simultaneously in this way is certainly very powerful, but you’ll need to properly segment your lists in order to take advantage of it.

Targeted SMS Handset Campaigns

Automatic messages, like those that present users with their own shipping details are easy to send out. Users may wish to opt out of some types, and most SMS broadcasting systems give them the ability to do so right from their phones. By offering users the chance to select which messages they want to see, the probability that they’ll actually read what you do send them drastically increases.

Segmenting your existing phone list is easy to do as well because most higher-end SMS marketing tools provide you with everything you need to do so. Marketing representatives will usually want to sort their customers into several different groups. Some people might react best to new product announcements, while others may want to see news stories.

Tech-savvy prospects will probably want to sign up for certain messages themselves. Giving them the freedom to do so will make them feel empowered and, therefore, much more likely to engage with your brand. Over time, you might end up learning more about what each of your leads is most interested in and therefore tailor your marketing efforts to them on a case-by-case basis. As soon as your clients see that you’re sending them messages filled with goods and services they’re actually interested in, they might even agree to hear more from your representatives.

Older email-based newsletter campaigns can even be sized down to fit into the constraints of SMS text windows.

Tailored Text Message Broadcasts

Price is probably the biggest advantage of SMS broadcasting. It costs next to nothing when you compare it to other marketing techniques. Email used to be looked at as the least expensive method of getting a message out, so there’s a good chance you have an existing newsletter that gets sent out on a regular basis. You can easily pick out the most important points from this letter and send it out as a series of text messages. Governmental organizations and other public safety authorities have done something similar by condensing important briefs into a few lines they send out via SMS text.

Mail merge software will normally automate this process, so you don’t even have to worry about creating more work for yourself. Don’t be surprised, though, if your readership ends up preferring your text messages to your emails. Bite-sized bits of information are easier to digest for those who are already overcome with information coming at them from a variety of sources.

With the huge amount of information available to consumers today, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Text message broadcasting may help you do just that.