Symptoms of Depression: 11 Most Common Reasons You Must Know

Symptoms of Depression: 11 Most Common Reasons You Must Know


Symptoms of depression – Feeling depressed about a break-up or too worried about exams results or can’t find pleasure in anything anymore or different emotions triggering all day., Yes, this is how depression feels like. Depression could be dangerous for someone’s life if it is not treated earlier. If you are from Jaipur and feeling depressed and waiting for something worse to happen, we suggest the best depression treatment in Jaipur by Dr. Sanjay Jain. However, the more you think that you are in depression, the more you will sink into the swamp of depression and anxiety. So, the best thing is to give confidence to yourself that you are not in depression. It’s just a chemical reaction.

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Are you depressed or not? Let’s check via this list about the symptoms of depression?

Sadness All Day

Whenever you talk with a sad person, they always say I am depressed. Well, sadness can cause depression if it lasts for more than three or four months. Sadness can be for many reasons, but sadness for a long time due to the death of loved ones, divorce, break-up, failure in the last exam can lead to a severe depression attack.


Feeling hopeless is a severe symptom of depression. This depression symptom is most common in people aged 40 to 50. Due to less social support or financial problems, it can feel hopeless, leading to depression. 

No Pleasure Anymore (Sign of postpartum depression)

When a person is depressed, they can’t find pleasure in the thing or activity they love most. So this symptom of depression can lead to sex problems because many people reported that they had lost interest in sex when they were in a depression.

Trouble in Sleeping

Some people reported that they couldn’t sleep even when exhausted, and some say they feel sleepy all day when depressed. But, of course, excessive worrying about exam results, overexcitement of birthdays or marriages, etc., are every day and can happen to anyone. But, if you are having trouble falling asleep for the last one or two months, it is the right time to consult a depression doctor. 

Chest pain

Chest pain can be a symptom of lungs, heart, stomach problems, along with symptoms of depression. Depression can also lead to serious heart disease, and sometimes severe depression can lead to a heart attack.

Feel Exhausted

Even if you haven’t worked any challenging physical exercise and give proper rest to your body but still feel tired all day, it could happen due to depression. If you have also been feeling exhausted for many days without any reason, we suggest you consult a depression doctor. 

Digestive Problems

Digestive problems are the physical symptoms of depression but they can also be due to other reasons too. Our mind is well connected to our digestive system. That’s why many times we get stomach aches when we are worried or depressed. Unfortunately, depression can also lead to problems like indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea.

Trouble in Concentrating

Not only in work but also people in depression can’t focus on watching T.V or reading newspapers. Also, it became tough to make small or large decisions on your own. Many people who survive depression reported that they were troubled to remember details or their regular work. 

Changes in Appetite

Either you feel too hungry all day or don’t feel hungry all day even if you haven’t taken your first meal. It doesn’t always happen because you don’t have a good mood. It can also occur due to depression. As we mentioned above, our brain and our digestive system are well connected, leading to a change in Appetite. 

Back Pain and Muscle Aches

Back pain and muscle ache is a major depressive disorder symptom. Not in the morning, but when you sit for work in the office or school, your sitting starts hurting you. Of course, all this happens due to stress and sometimes because of depression. However, your back pain can also be a sign of physiological distress. 

Suicide Thoughts

Suicide thought is the most common symptom of high depression. Many people end their lives due to increased depression, and all this happens when they take their early depression symptoms lightly. So, if you also have some signs of depression that we mentioned above, we suggest you consult a psychiatrist. 

Here are Some Depression symptoms in Children and Teens

Teens and children never describe their problems, so it’s better to monitor them when you see these symptoms. 

  1. Rude behaviour with friends and teachers
  2. Improper eating and sleeping habits 
  3. Off mood or feeling hopeless 
  4. Doesn’t participating in any fun activity
  5. Irritability and tiredness 
  6. Exhausted or low energy level all-day 

These are Some Common Symptoms of Depression in Men

  1. Irritated 
  2. Angered 
  3. Hopelessness
  4. Loss of interest in sex or pleasurable activity
  5. Mood off

These are Some Common Symptoms of Depression in Women

The risk of depression is twice as high in women as compared to men. However, symptoms of depression in children, teens, women, men, and older adults are almost similar. 

Signs of Depression in Women

  1. Can’t find pleasure even in the activities that you loved most
  2. Change in weight or Appetite 
  3. Feeling guilty
  4. Crying for no-reasons
  5. Mood swings 
  6. Suicide thoughts
  7. Anxiety attacks

Final Say

As per WHO research, more than 264 million people are suffering from depression in the world. Depression can cause many reasons and can be treated in many ways. However, if you have more than two or three symptoms of depression, we suggest you consult a physiatrist.