Reach The Tops of Download Stores

Reach The Tops of Download Stores

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Is your app great? Yes but here is the problem, it is not visible to mobile users! How to increase the number of downloads of your app? We give you all our techniques.


To reach the top 10 or top categories of Google Play or the Apple Store, there are several levers on which to play, the way to achieve this is to optimize the referencing of its mobile application as much as possible. In this sense, we suggest you intervene on 3 key points:

  • L’ASO (app store optimization)
  • Managing the purchase of downloads
  • Managing mobile advertising campaigns

These 3 levers being complementary, we strongly advise you not to put all your eggs in the same basket.


Each download store has an algorithm on which the referencing criteria are based. The weight of each criterion is a closely guarded secret, and differs between them, but here are a few avenues to focus on:


To influence the referencing of your mobile application in the download stores, focus on: the title of the app, its description, the choice of the category in which you will list it, the keywords that will be used to describe the app. application and help mobile users find you and finally, the icon and visuals.


Once the specific characteristics of the page have been optimized, you will need to improve the independent criteria of your store listing.

Here we find the comments and ratings of your mobile users, a real guarantee of the quality of your application, you must pay great attention to it. Also monitor your backlink as well as the frequency of your updates.

Discover these optimizations in detail in our article dedicated to the natural referencing of an android app development.


Buying downloads allows you to acquire a large number of testers and feedback on the application, and very quickly.

Question budget, it is necessary to count between 0.5 and 1 € the download, or between 3000 and 5000 € to obtain between 6000 and 8000 downloads. 

By maximizing the download rate of the app over a very short period of time, you develop its visibility and considerably increase your chances of appearing in the Tops for 1 to 2 days (ah be yes, you should not ask too much either.).

As a mobile expert, we take care of the management of these download acquisition campaigns, according to the budget you want to allocate, so do not hesitate to call on our services.


If you want to make your mobile application a success, you absolutely must take into account the mobile marketing dimension of your project. Advertising is essential to the promotion and animation of your application.

Indeed, it helps to attract attention and increase the conversion rate of your target. The diversity of smartphone screen sizes, ergonomics and user experience issues being at the heart of a good mobile strategy, you must prioritize the clarity and understanding of your mobile advertising.

In addition, we remind you of the importance of good segmentation and relevance of your message to reach your mobile users. 

We offer you our services for creating and managing mobile display campaigns on Facebook (Facebook Ad), on Twitter (Twitter Ads), on Google (mobile-specific AdWords) or on Apple (ad). Investing in mobile advertising campaigns is therefore a good way to increase the number of downloads of your app.

Finally, we cannot end this article without mentioning the virtuous circle, this phenomenon by which a significant number of downloads leads to greater visibility, in turn leads to an increase in the number of organic downloads.

The positioning of your application in the stores is constantly evolving, you must redouble your efforts to maintain or increase this ranking.