Prabalmachi Overnight Trek

Prabalmachi Overnight Trek


Have you ever seen stars shine above land?

Imagine the night when the stars dimly illuminate the green forest. It will be beautiful, if not more so than heaven. Prabalmachi is the perfect place to experience the glow of stars in a forest. Prabalmachi overnight trek is something that no one on the planet wants to miss.

You will all be wondering how one can witness billions upon billions of stars in the sky.

Simple answer: Fireflies in the green forest at night are no different from stargazing on land. You can witness the dazzling thrill of fireflies with your naked eyes. Then, take a camera and capture this amazing moment. This walk will allow you to capture images that will let you relive the incredible experience of climbing a mountain. Prabalmachi is the location for the night hike. It’s a large meadow above Kalavantin Durg where you can see and photograph zillions upon zillions of fireflies.

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Kalavantin Durg:

The Kalavantin Durg Trek is one of the most well-known treks in Maharashtra. This walk is suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. It is located in Maharashtra’s Raigad district, at an elevation of approximately 2,205 feet. The thrill of climbing to the Pinnacle at Kalavantin is what one seeks. The trekking community has a misconception that this trip is dangerous or extremely dangerous. 

This is the angle that you will see in the photos and videos. If you are comfortable with the terrain and take precautions, you should consider this a new adventure. The thrill of climbing the steep, challenging trail through dense forest is something you must experience. You have the option to combine the trek with the Prabalgad Walk or camp on the vast Prabalmachi Plateau due to its proximity to Mumbai. To avoid crowds and enjoy the ascent to Kalavantin’s peak, make sure you go during the right season.

Expectations :

1. To the top, a nearly vertical staircase

A century ago, it was a work of art. These steps were hand-cut in the 15th century. This was a combination of intense physical labor and manual labor. Two people could easily stand on these massive steps. For those who have weak hearts or fear heights, the nearly vertical descent can prove difficult. This is a great adventure for those who are looking for daring moments in their lives. There is no fort, despite being called Kalavantin Durg. It was used by kings as a pinnacle to watch over the neighborhood.

2. The Prabalmachi Plateau

The Prabalmachi Plateau may have both Kalavantin and Prabalgad, which are beautiful places. On the right is the Prabalgad Fort, while the route to Kalavantin (a triangle-shaped spot) can be found to the left. A huge plateau can be seen from the right angle, and it is quite spectacular.

3. Prabalgad’s Ascent

You can climb to Prabalgad, and do two hikes along the way. It is fascinating to learn about the history of the fort and its surroundings. This is also where you may find well-known or sought-after photographs of Kalavantin and the flight of steps that lead to the peak.

Kalavantin is best visited during the following hours:

You can complete the Kalavantin Durg Trek throughout the year. The benefits and appeal of hiking vary depending on when you travel. The Kalavantin Durg Trek is busiest during the monsoon season. You will be amazed at the beauty and splendor of the lush vegetation. This is another reason for the Kalavantin Durg trekking’s congestion. During the monsoon season, there will be significant numbers of trekkers. There are fewer hikers after the monsoon. As the colors of the Sahyadri shift, views become sharper.

You can explore these places while hiking:

Five caves can be found on the hill. Although there is no specific route, it is possible to explore two caverns. Take the short trail that you can see from Prabalmachi to the V-shaped intersection. The first cave can be found about 15 minutes from the main trail. It is a 25-meter tunnel that leads to a box building measuring 8x6x4 feet.

To reach the second cave, you will need to travel further. It is located not far from Prabalgad Fort. It is not recommended to attempt to reach this second cave as the trail is not marked and isn’t often used by hikers. Two caves can be seen if you look closely at the summit as you travel. The trail runs on the opposite side of the cave. To explore the fifth cave, you will need to rappel down from the summit.


It offers a breathtaking backdrop for Kalavantin Durg and Prabalgad, as well as Panvel’s beautiful valley views. It’s a wonderful experience to chase fireflies in beautiful hills. Prabalmachi is home to sacred areas such as meadows, rocks, and cliffs. Prabalmachi camping is thrilling and fun. 

It offers untouched nature, fascinating stories, and a great experience. Prabalmachi Campground is a popular choice for those who are looking for a peaceful weekend getaway from Mumbai. All publications and websites frequently highlight it as a great tourist destination close to Mumbai. Prabalmachi Campsite is a popular tourist spot near Mumbai in the summer. Don’t limit yourself to just one place.