Learn About The Common Refusal Reasons Of Temporary Graduate Visa 485

Learn About The Common Refusal Reasons Of Temporary Graduate Visa 485

Temporary Graduate Visa 485

The temporary graduate visa 485 allows international students to work, study and reside in Australia after the successful completion of their studies. With this visa, you can gain adequate work experience in the country while staying in Australia temporarily. Depending on whether you have applied for the education graduate work stream or post-study work stream, you can stay in Australia for a certain time-frame. This time-frame can be as short as eighteen months and as long as four years.

Common pitfalls leading to the refusal of the 485 visa

It’s good that you have chosen to gain adequate employment experience in Australia. So, you need to apply for the temporary graduate visa 485 accordingly. However, there are some reasons which might lead to the abrupt refusal of your 485 visa. So, before you apply for the Temporary graduate visa subclass 485, let’s take a look at its common refusal reasons which can be considered below.

Choosing an incorrect visa stream

Before you apply for the 485 visa subclass, you need to know it has got two different streams. These include the Post-Study Work Stream and Graduate Work Stream. The former visa stream lets you stay in Australia between two to four years depending on your qualification. Conversely, the graduate work stream lets you stay in Australia for eighteen months. The PSWS is for those graduating from Australia whereas the GWS is for students graduating with special skills and qualifications relevant to certain Australian occupations. Choosing a stream which is a mismatch to your qualification can lead to the sudden refusal of your 485 visa.

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Failure to pass the English test

As part of the application procedure of the visa subclass 485 you need to qualify in a substantial English language test. If you prepare for it beforehand, you can expect to pass it with the desired score. On the contrary, a number of students fail to pay attention to this criterion, so, cannot obtain the desired score due to lack of preparation. Besides, if you do not provide the results of your English test in spite of cracking it, then, it can lead to the refusal of your 485 visa as well.

Absence of OSHC

One of the most important prerequisites of the 485 visa is the possession of a substantial health insurance while you are staying in Australia. According to this criterion both you and your eligible family members need to prove the following:

  • While applying for your Permanent Residence in Australia you need to be the holder of the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and
  • You need to prove that both you and your family members possess a valid OSHC while applying for the 485 visa subclass. Remember, while your visa is processed and granted to you subsequently, you should continue to be the holder of a substantial Overseas Student Health Cover as well.

If you do not meet this criterion, chances are there that your subclass 485 visa will get cancelled abruptly.

Non-conformity to the eligibility requirements

There are certain eligibility requirements of the 485 visa subclass. These include the following:

  • You must complete an academic program or programs with a minimum duration of two years.
  • You should be below the age of 50 years
  • Must meet the English language requirement
  • You should hold a substantial visa

In case you fail to meet any of the eligibility requirements stated above, then, it will lead to the refusal of your 485 visa subclass.

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Failure to pass in the Skills Assessment Test

Have you decided to apply for the Graduate Work Stream of the 485graduatevisa to work in Australia? Then, you will have to qualify in a skills assessment test by meeting the following requirements.

  • You need to nominate an occupation first comprising the Independent and Family Sponsored Occupations List (IFSOL).
  • Before you lodge an application of the 485 graduate visa you are exempted from accomplishing an evaluation.
  • Do provide a receipt which proves that you have qualified in your skills assessment test successfully while lodging your visa application.
  • When your temporary graduate visa is processed, make sure that you are stuck to your existing profession.
  • You must not change your current profession in case you are unable to meet the essential requirements of your skills assessment test.

If you fail to qualify in the skills assessment test, you can expect an abrupt refusal of your 485 visa Australia which you didn’t expect the case to be.

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