Kamshet – della adventure

Kamshet – della adventure



Kamsheti is an amazing location to explore next weekend. It is located at 45 Punerom Pune and 1 from Lonavala alo Khandala and 110km from Mumbai. Popular for its paragliding, it’s also well-known for adventure lovers. It’s hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t want to glide over western ghats and get an aerial 4 perspective time of the stunning lush green of kamshet. Kamshet seems like a fairytale landscape with abundant vegetation and fauna that will take your breath away with its stunning view. In addition to paragliding, you can go camping in kamshet in the vicinity of the gurgling waterfalls, stunning mountains, and a variety of stunning views of the Sahyadri ranges.

If you’re contemplating camping in Kamshet here is some information about the area.

Camping details

Village theme camping

Camping with the traditional feel of a village provides an experience that is beautiful in the mountains. Camping in kamshet provides you with such an attractive experience.

Toilets are available

Toilets are offered as Indian and western toilets. and is maintained on poor roads.

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Camping near lake

Camping close to Pawana lake is serene and even a spiritual experience. Even though it’s an artificial one, it is one of the most popular places near kamshet and offers a memorable adventure in exploring nature far from the chaos of city life. Today’s millennials with their working lives seek out this feeling of exploring and awakening with a stunning panorama of pawana lake, which is one step away from the stress of work.

Visits to places to go

Utusan lake

It is located just only a few miles from Pune. utsan lake is in general less well-known. This means that you’ll see the smallest number of tourists when you arrive at the location. It’s the tranquility of sitting by the lake and closing your eyes and enjoying the breeze.to arrive there, you will need your vehicle because you won’t be able to locate any transportation options and need to walk on your own for 10 kilometers

Bhairi caves

There is also the possibility of visiting the Bhairi caves, which are situated in jambhivali and are located 20 kilometers away from kamshet. It’s one of the most ancient caves with wiartifactsartefacts from the past such as utensils, etc. A visit to this cave will provide you with an amazing landscape f nature. Once you’ve reached the cave, you’ll be amazed by the magnificent beds

Bedse caves

hair Mhairi cabedsnd and bedse caves are a must-see destination as the exploration of these dark, mysterious caves is like an adventure journey in itself. It is located 10 kilometers from Kamshet there are sculptures of horses, elephants as well as other animals. In addition to all the thrilling activities, this cave will give peace and tranquility while you sit in peace.

Shinde wadi hills

It is among the paragliding spots that are located 2km away from Kamshet. It is a renowned spot with stunning sunset and sunrise views. Even if you’re not quite ready to take a paraglider, this spot will be amazing as well as serene to be in. Because of the cool and refreshing, atmosphere, this place will make you awestruck. Even though it’s elevated at 200 feet the mountains will make you awestruck by its beauty, and it’s worth a trip.

Kamshet paragliding details

Kamshet is famously known for its paragliding and visitors travel from all over the world to fly across the beautiful western ghats. Awestruck by the sky and awestruck by the mountains and plateau and the rush of adrenaline of flying at heights. Certified and experienced pilots who guide you through the skies will provide you with the most secure and safest experience regardless of whether it’s the first time you’ve tried it.

  • A popular location where paragliding occurs is tower hill in the vicinity of the hotel rangoli in the winter months and at Pawna Lake in the summer.
  • The majority of the time, it’s between 8:00 AM and 2:00 pm in winter which runs from OctFebruaryfebruary. Then, it’s 3:00 pm until 7:07 pm in summer, from March through Maperiode period can be different and is dependent on weather conditions as well as the winds.
  • Seniors with medical issues are not advised to take this route however, in the case of good health, it could be acknowledged by the health professional there.
  • The body weight limit for a person is 95 or more and is not recommended to do.
  • While the above guidelines will be observed, youngsters with breathing issues or acrophobia as well as severe health issues aren’t advised to follow these guidelines.
  • Women who are pregnant for more than 3 months pregnant aren’t advised to get pregnant.
  • The timing of the slots will be determined according to the weather conditions and the crowd.


Kamshet is a stunning area to explore that can take you on an adventure filled with adrenaline-pumping activities such as paragliding, simply camping next to a lake, or going on an exploration of the caves. Or even trek Tikona Fort, which is too distant from kamshet, or relax watching the sunset over the Shinde wadi hills. Visit this wonderful spot!!