Importance of Co-curricular Activities: Why You Need to Focus on Them

Importance of Co-curricular Activities: Why You Need to Focus on Them

importance of co-curricular activities

After the announcement of the new education policy for India, I feel that people have realized the importance of co-curricular activities more. I feel lucky as I participated a lot in various types of co-curricular activities. I studied in a school in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur, where there are many activities. For instance, we have art and crafts and dance periods. 

Ok, let’s get back to the topic. Change is permanent, and the time of bookworms is gone. An individual should be overall developed to do something big. To become better, co-curricular activities can help. Thus, everybody should know the importance of co-curricular activities.

Meaning of Co-curricular Activities

These are the activities that are performed beyond the studies in the schools or colleges. These include art and crafts, dance, sports, drama, etc. Observing the importance of co-curricular activities, many schools made them compulsory. You might also have undertaken some of the co-curricular activities in your school days. 

Importance of Co-curricular Activities

In today’s time, our education system is changing at a good pace. As a result, many schools, colleges, and educational institutions understand the significance of co-curricular activities for students. Parents are also motivating their children to take part in such activities. So, let’s see the importance of co-curricular activities and what they can do. 

1. Increases Self Confidence

Self-confidence plays a significant role in getting success in anything. And, if students are gaining self-confidence in their initial years of life, then what’s better? This is the importance of co-curricular activities that are making students be themselves. There are many activities where students need to perform individually, which increases their self-confidence. You also might have noticed the difference in their way of doing things.

2. Builds Team Spirit

building team spirit is an importance of co-curricular activities

There are many activities that are performed in a team. These can be various sports like football, cricket, or other activities like group dancing, drama, etc. Taking part in these sports helps in building team spirit in the students. They learn how to assist each other and be together in tough times. Furthermore, students will always put the team goals higher than their personal goals. This is the importance of co-curricular activities that compelled many institutions to add these activities. 

3. Sense of Responsibility

Co-curricular activities can inculcate a sense of responsibility in students. Various competitions that are organized around the year played a significant role in it. Imagine, if you’re representing your school in a competition, you have the responsibility to perform well and make your teachers, parents, and the whole school proud. The matches and even the most minor activity also develop the feeling of accountability in them. Therefore, the importance of co-curricular activities needs to be understood by all and not just many.  

4. Enhance Mental and Physical Health

importance of co-curricular activities is that it improves physical and mental health

Studying will make you good in academics but cannot guarantee you, mental and physical health. That’s where the importance of co-curricular activities comes into play. Participating in these activities can make you physically and mentally fit. Students can do something that is not a part of their routine that also makes them refreshed. If you don’t want to do exercises for physical health, then choose a sport and play. That’s the reason why the importance of co-curricular activities is so popular nowadays. 

5. Self-exploration

Co-curricular activities give students a chance to explore themselves in their golden years. Many students are participating in co-curricular activities and later make a career from it. It enables the students to observe their basic nature and how they respond in a particular situation. This importance of co-curricular activities made me take part in them. With total honesty, it also played a major part in the process of self-realization. Therefore, you shouldn’t ignore the significance of co-curricular activities. 

List of Co-curricular Activities

After reading the importance of co-curricular activities, now let me tell you the popular ones. There are so many types of co-curricular activities from which you can choose or take part. If your school or college is not providing them, try to participate in such activities outside the school hours. 

  • Aerobics
  • Sports
  • Athletics
  • Art and craft
  • Meditation
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Debate
  • Drama and theatre
  • Wall magazine writing, editing, and publishing
  • Celebration of cultural festivals

There are so many co-scholastic activities that are there in schools or colleges. These are the most common and famous, and you might also find most of them in your institution.

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My Take on Importance of Co-curricular Activities

Gone are the days where theoretical education was needed. If you want to live a better life and do something good, then be active and explore. Student life or teenage life is the best time where we can make the foundation of ourselves. For this, the importance of co-curricular activities cannot be neglected. These extra co-curricular activities made your life happier and better. 

You can also share with us the co-curricular activity in which you participated or planning to. Let’s see what’s more popular.