How to Install Air Conditioning: 5 Steps

How to Install Air Conditioning: 5 Steps

Air conditioning brings more comfort to a house and helps regulate the interior temperature, especially during hot weather. The high functionality of an AC necessarily requires the use of an approved professional. Indoor or outdoor module? Where to install your air conditioner? How to install reversible air conditioning? The tips and steps for successful installation of an air conditioning work.

Your air conditioning project should not be taken lightly. Indeed, several things must be known to choose an air conditioner adapted to your needs. You have selected a fixed model, including an indoor module and possibly an outdoor module. If you think you cannot install AC yourself, book Mr. Mahir’s AC services in Lahore for professional installation at affordable rates.

In addition, the air conditioner may contain a refrigerant which requires even more precautions at the installation to avoid leaks. Here are the steps to prepare the installation of domestic air conditioning: size its air conditioning, obtain the necessary agreements, and choose where to install the air conditioning system units.

1.Buy the Right AC Type for Your Cooling Needs

The first thing to do in your project is a heat balance to study your home’s energy performance. This assessment will let you know what type of air conditioner to install, its power, and size.

The objective is to define the power necessary to cool your home optimally. You will thus avoid the risks of under-sizing, which will cause your air conditioning system to malfunction and a high electricity bill.

There is also the risk of oversizing the installation, which is of no use if not paying more for too powerful air conditioning. The other danger concerns condensation. It is necessary to plan its evacuation so as not to end up with a pile of droplets on the walls, which poses sanitary and health problems in the long term.

The criteria for choosing your air conditioning must be respected:

  • Normal air conditioning or reversible air conditioning with heating and cooling modes.
  • The power of the reversible air conditioning system in watts: it is defined after the heat balance.
  • Design: it is important so as not to distort your interior decoration.
  • The sound level: a low level is essential for your comfort.

2. Choose the Location of Your Air Conditioner

Once the sizing of the air conditioner has been calculated and agreement obtained, you must decide where to install your air conditioner and book professional handyman services.

The air conditioner must be in a ventilated, healthy and humidity-free place. It must be protected from wind and rain,… bad weather in general. On its route, there must be no obstacles to facilitate the movement of the air. It should not be near a source of heat or water. Finally, avoid placing it in front of the furniture you stay in for a long time, such as a sofa or a bed.

It is advisable not to set the air conditioner at a temperature lower than 20 degrees to avoid colds and headaches. Likewise, the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the house should not exceed 8 degrees.

3. AC Indoor & Outdoor Installation – Book a Professional

There are two systems for air conditioning in your house: monobloc air conditioning which consists of an indoor unit and split air conditioning which includes an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The installation of split air conditioning, or even reversible, requires more work and is, therefore, more complicated.

The installation of a monobloc air conditioner is done only from the inside. You are therefore not going to drill your wall to pass the refrigeration pipe. This greatly facilitates the installation work, which is limited to installing the fixings and the electrical connection of the monobloc air conditioning.

The air conditioner has an exhaust duct that must be passed through a window or a bay when the air conditioning operates. You can opt for a partial cut-out of the window to give the outer sheath. The result will then be more aesthetic.

The installations of both indoor and outdoor units are complicated and require the intervention of the best handyman services in Lahore.

4. Air Conditioning Installation Price

The cost of installing air conditioning depends on many criteria. First of all, it varies depending on the models chosen. A monobloc air conditioning requires less installation time than a split. It takes about 8 hours of installation per unit. For an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, the time must therefore be multiplied by 2. Then, the accessibility of the place where the air conditioning must be installed. Finally, your geographic area and the prices charged by the handyman in your region.

5. How Do I Book the Best AC Technician for Installation & Repair?

To compare the installation prices of professionals, all you need to do is request an air conditioning quote. Qualified installers will then contact you near your home, who will study your project to size the air conditioning properly and will offer you their price to do the work.

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