How to grow business online? Learn 7 organic way to increase your sales

How to grow business online? Learn 7 organic way to increase your sales

Learn 7 organic way to grow business online

Thinking about your online business? How to grow business online? How to increase online sales of small business? Thinking on how to expand business online? And how to boost your business online?

This blog fully dedicated on how to grow business online organically. There are seven organic ways most practiced and result proven in digital marketing to grow business online. To learn the below mentioned organic ways you can join the digital marketing institutes in Jaipur.

As in current time internet has become the integrated source of our lives, many businesses and start-ups have taken this opportunity to grow their business online. They are taking advantage of this technology and expanding their business online as well as offline. One of the best examples is Zomato. Zomato started in the year 2008 in New Delhi city. Now they have expanded their business pan India. No matter where you are, they will deliver the food to you. Many other companies started at a very early stage and have become the best start-ups or businesses in current times.

Now, let’s learn what these businesses and start-ups did to grow their business online.

Choose Your Niche and Understand Your Audience

It is the most important and difficult activities in any business. A person with very little knowledge of marketing can choose a niche with more business opportunities. On the other hand, sometimes, a person with very vast marketing knowledge can fail to choose the best Niche. Therefore, identifying your Niche can make or break your business; choosing the right Niche is very important for any business. However, there are many factors to choose the right Niche, such as market research, competitor research, content idea, platforms for your Niche, and many more.

The more specific your Niche or micro-niche will be, the better will be your business.

After choosing the Niche, try to search for the audience, analyze their behaviour, understand their needs, and cater to them.

Know Your Competitors

This is the second most important part of your business, know your audience. After choosing your Niche and understanding your audience, you can look for your competitors. After all, this will give you exact knowledge about your business and help planning strategies to grow. Now, the question is how to understand our competitors?

 The answer is: – first, check whether there is any big competitor in that Niche or not. If yes, then how many big companies are into it and compare their audience with yours. After this, check their product/service/information and compare it with yours. After all, this analyses your findings and your business model; what are the similarities and the differences. If there are similarities, it will be a very difficult niche to excel. If different, you need to work hard to make your product/service/information according to the competitors and then compete against them.

Content writing and its marketing

After knowing your audience and competitors now, you will feel confident about your business. Now, try to write engaging and unique content with proper grammar and plagiarism-free content to add more value to the product/service/information you are selling online.

 Once you have written your content, publish them on your website. To market your content to reach the mass audience, you need to be active and have to do many activities. Few activities include finding the platforms to sell your content, such as social media, Self-publishing sites, guest posting sites, PDF submission sites, commenting sites, image submission sites, Q&A sites, discussion sites and many more.


SEO stands for search engine optimization; it simply means improving your website and bringing it to the first page in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Famous search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, YouTube, Yandex, and many more. The better ranking on any SERPs will give you better visibility to your business and views to your audience.

It is said that websites with good SEO tend to have the best results in the long term. SEO is the most time consuming, hard, and continuous, but the very cheap process for better results. Thus, many businesses start doing it themselves or hire SEO experts to do the same for them. This process is essential for any business. 

The alternative of this SEM (Search Engine Marketing) means taking the help of paid marketing to be on the top of the page. This technique is good and can give you instant results, but on the other hand, it is a very expensive, short-term process and requires an expert in doing this.

Presence on social media

As you know, in current times, social media has become one of the most important and most preferred mediums of marketing. Although some choose Facebook advertising to promote their services or products, on the other hand, they majorly use organic ways to increase their followers/audience. The organic way includes accurate business information, good photos and videos of the product or services with a catchy description, interactive activities, offers and discounts, giveaways, and many more. Some social media platforms to increase your trust and audience are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and many more.

Social media is the best way to connect with a real audience, you can comment like follow anyone and everyone you think will be beneficial for your business growth.

Create events and attend events

Another way to increase your presence and popularity is to create events, attend other events, and pitch them about your business for brand awareness and growth. Now, the question arises what type of events we can create or follow? In today’s time, the best platform for any occasion is online. Therefore, many social media platforms give this opportunity. Such as – YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. You can go live virtually on these platforms, and you can interact with other people for more ideas to grow, selling your product/service, business collaboration, Q&As and many more.

Analyze your progress and start again

After completing all the activities mentioned above, you can analyze your online business growth on tools that can give you end-to-end insights. 

Like – You can analyze your website traffic, performance, and many more via free tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console and paid tools such as SEMrush, Ahref, Uber Suggest, etc. They will provide you with a complete study of your website. Based on that, you can make other strategies and decide which activities are good for your business and helping your business to grow. But, on the other hand, all activities are bad for the website and need to be dropped.


These are the 7 most basic and most in-used organic ways to increase your business online market presence and visibility. These are free of cost with better search results for a long-time, but these ways are very time consuming and requires dedication.

Through these activities/ways, you can grow your business online, expand your business online in many ways, and boost your business online. There are many ways to learn these techniques and skills, but the best way is to learn from the best digital marketing institute. We hope this blog will solve all your doubts and give you a clear image of how to grow business online. So, please, share your views and feedback.