How To Get The Best Realtor To Sell Your Property

How To Get The Best Realtor To Sell Your Property

Sell Your Property

Selling your home is difficult, so you will naturally want a top real estate agent to help you. But this is easier said than done, so let’s look at what it takes to find the right person to sell your property. 

1. Chat To Lenders First

Sometimes people like to get a realtor first, but it’s our professional opinion that it’s a better idea to talk to a lender first so you know what your budget is for your new home and if there’s anything in the way to prevent you from buying right now. As a bonus, you can get a pre-approval letter to make for a smoother buying process.

2. Ask For Referrals

It’s a great idea to reach out to anyone you know who has sold their home recently to get some referrals. This is time-saving and allows you to get the inside gossip, but it’s important to keep property types in mind. If you’re buying a home and your friend sold a condo, their agent may not work for your needs. 

3. Do Your Research

If you’ve googled and found a good list of agents or have driven around your neighborhood and seen whose homes have sold, it’s a wise choice to then do some independent research. Look into independent reviews, and their social media and see what others say about them. 

4. Chat To Multiple Agents

Once you have your list brought down to a handful, it’s time to conduct phone or in-person interviews with your top choices. This is how you can see who suits your communication style, who you get along with, and who’s most professional. 

5. Check Their References

It sounds old-fashioned with Google reviews existing, but if you can speak to your real estate agen’s prior clients, you’ll get a more accurate picture, so don’t skip the references and ask for past clients that would be happy to have a chat. 

6. Look Closely At The Contract

It’s loaded with jargon and may take some time, but it’s worth looking carefully at the contract for any hidden costs you may not have noticed. 

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