How to Draw Baby Groot

How to Draw Baby Groot

Draw Baby Groot

How to Draw Baby Groot. The Guardians of the Galaxy were a fairly obscure group of comic book superheroes until just. That all changed with the 2014 film adaption, which launched this chaotic group into stardom.

One of the numerous famous personalities on the team is the living tree Groot, although he can only say his name! In the second film, we saw Groot as a kid, which would have made him even more popular. With so many fans, many of them enjoy learning how to draw Baby Groot to create their artwork. If you’re a fan of this adorable tree, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Draw Baby Groot

Step 1

For the first step of our tutorial on how to draw Baby Groot, we’ll start with his head and face. Starting from the outline of the head, use a curved line for the lower half of the face. This leads to the top half, and the top of his head is drawn with irregular square shapes to give it a wooden look.

The lines of these shapes on top of his head extend deep enough into his face. Next, draw two round shapes flat enough for their eyes and add some line detail around them. You can end up with a small tooth mold for his mouth and then move on to step 2.

Step 2

We will work on drawing the beginning of his arms in this second part of your Baby Groot drawing. Just like the top of her head, we’re going to use many irregular shapes connecting her arms and chest.

You will also have many line details to illustrate this wood effect further. You can add a few thin screws over the body to take it further. Then you are ready for step 3!

Step 3

Now we can finish his arms in this step of our tutorial on how to draw Baby Groot. We draw several sections for his arms and hands at the ends.

These sections are all drawn the same way you drew the rest of the head and body, and the reference image will show you how to place them.

Step 4

You’re making great strides in this Baby Groot theme so far! For this part, we’ll draw the rest of his body. His body appears to be made out of smaller “wood shavings.”

You can draw many of these smaller shapes that connect and form the shape of their body as a whole. Make sure you leave some gaps in his lower body, as we’ll be adding his legs to those gaps soon.

Step 5

This step and the next in our guide to drawing Baby Groot will focus on finishing the legs. We’re going to draw the first leg with more of those “ladder” shapes, similar to how you drew its body in the last stage.

Baby Groot is often caught dancing, and we will depict him dancing with how we set his legs. As you can see in the contact image, the left leg is barely bent. In the following step, we will mark the next stage along with some final details.

Step 6

Now it’s time to complete the final details and elements of your Baby Groot design in this step. First, we will design the double leg for him. This leg will look comparable to the one just drawn and be bent outwards to look like it’s dancing.

Then your photo is ready! You can even add some fun extra details. Groot is usually next to his friend Rocket Raccoon, so maybe you could look up some photos of this character and draw him next to his wooden friend. What fun traces and points can you think of to top it off?

Step 7

In this last step of our focus on drawing Baby Groot, we’ll finish it with some color. As you can imagine, we used a lot of brown to bring out its woodsy look in the movies and comics. We also added green accents throughout the image for some small shoots and tendrils.

We chose these colors, but you can use other shades and variations to suit your taste! Playing with artistic media is also a great way to experiment with your desired hues. There are other painting mediums like acrylics and watercolors or others like pencils and crayons that you could try. Make sure you have fun as you complete this picture with your creativity!

4 More Tips to Make your Baby Groot Drawing Better

Dance for joy as we look for ways to improve your Baby Groot sketch!

Tip #1

If there’s one thing we know about Baby Groot, it’s that she loves to dance. This is shown in this drawing of toys for boys and Baby Groot, showing some movements.

It looks great here, but once you’ve mastered this design, feel free to show it with other favorite dance moves!

There are so many to choose from, so you should start with some favorites that you have.

What whimsical moves could you use to make this design even more interesting?

Tip #2

You can’t dance without music, so you can show what Baby Groot is training for by adding text and musical notes to this image.

Again, you can choose from your favorites by choosing a verse or two from one of your favorite songs you enjoy dancing to.

Maybe you could draw a radio to show him listening to his music.

What songs and lyrics would you choose for the background?

Tip #3

Once you’ve set the pose and music for your Baby Groot drawing, you can show where she’s dancing by drawing a background. You would have so many fun settings to choose from!

These could be from the various movies Baby Groot has been in, or you could create a new environment for dancing.

Please don’t be shy to get creative and have it in some whimsical and creative settings!

Tip #4

Dancing is even more fun with friends, so you might want to add some friends to this Baby Groot sketch! The first choice would be his best friend, Rocket Raccoon.

You can add characters like Star-Lord, Gamorra, or Drax to the Guardian roster. Or you might want to include other characters from the Marvel Universe to make this a real party!

Which characters would you like to see dancing with Baby Groot in your artwork?

Your Baby Groot Drawing is Finished!

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