How to Develop Career in Merchant Navy?

How to Develop Career in Merchant Navy?

How to Develop Career in Merchant Navy

An ambition is something that leads your life. It runs life with dedication and motivation. Ambition is mostly fresh and energetic in the young students who have just passed their boards or doing their class 12th. They must be confused in some aspects but mostly they are driven by their ambitions and goals. Most students aspire to join medical engineering and the armed forces.

They see opportunities in more than opportunities they are driven by their will to work in such institutions.  Students who have ambitions but looking for options can learn from here about careers in the merchant navy. And what are the courses or subjects some need to study for the same?

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Before that let me introduce you to the concept of the merchant navy.

What is the Merchant Navy About?

A merchant navy, also known as a merchant marine, is a fleet of merchant’s vessels registered in a specific country. Seafarers of various ranks, as well as members of maritime trade unions, are required by the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers to carry Merchant Mariner’s Documents on merchant’s vessels.

Following their service in World War I, King George V conferred the title “Merchant Navy” on the British merchant shipping fleets; since then, a number of other nations have adopted that title or a similar “Merchant Marine.”

To become a merchant navy officer what are the courses that are required

Eligibility for applying to Merchant Navy

For applying to any of the marine courses students after their 12th class can go on in applying. There are various courses on it.

In Canada, naval candidates must pass an aptitude test, a medical exam, and a job interview as part of the intake process. Reliability testing is also carried out. This screening includes an examination of the candidate’s credit and employment history, educational credentials, and criminal record, Assessment. Before being accepted, reservists must pass a fitness test as well.

Courses in Merchant Navy

There are different courses in the Marine navy for which students can take assistance from Assignment Help Canada service for clearing the course hassle-free.

  • Diploma in Nautical Science
  • Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • BE Marine Engineering
  • BBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Sc Nautical Science

The top Courses in Marine Engineering are as follows,

  • Diploma of Technology in Nautical Science
  • Diploma of Technology in Marine Engineering
  • Diploma of Technology in Naval Architecture
  • Technician Diploma – Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • Joint Diploma of Technology / Bachelor of Technology in Marine Environmental Technology
  • Master of Engineering Leadership in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

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Universities/Colleges in Canada for Marine Engineering

There are many institutes in Canada that provide marine engineering and diploma courses. We have come up with top 5 colleges for you-

  • Georgian college
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • University of Guelph
  • Camosun College
  • The University of British Colombia

These institutes cater the marine-related courses with the best faculty members and facilities.

Career Prospects

When we study anything our prime goal is to earn a livelihood. Let us now see what the careers prospects of Navy courses are

  • Marine engineering interns
  • Marine technicians
  • Ship fitters
  • Watercraft engineers
  • Marine structural engineer
  • Marine engineering assistant
  • Marine engineering professor,
  • Marine engineering coordinator
  • Chief marine engineers
  • Junior marine engineers
  • Marine engineering supervisors
  • Mud engineer
  • Marine engineering program managers
  • Naval architects
  • Marine engineering
  • lead marine structural engineer

These are a few posts that a person with a marine engineering degree can hold. Apart from it, Marine engineers work in a variety of industries, including shipping, shipbuilding, the steel industry, the power sector, the manufacturing sector, and consulting firms.

They create, design, and build nautical equipment. Candidates who complete Marine Engineering courses can pursue lucrative careers in public and private shipping companies, engine manufacturing firms, shipbuilding, and design firms, the navy, and research organizations.

If you want you can also start work as a third assistant engineer or fourth engineer on a ship. They can also work for various foreign and Indian shipping companies.

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Perks of these Career Options

Now briefly let us review the perks of this career option

  • Rapid advancement in your career,
  • Working in the marine industry provides significant responsibility from the start of your career
  • Long Vacations
  • Be a Part of Something Important
  • High Salaries
  • Unique Work Experience
  • Transferable Skills
  • Travel around the World.
  • Better Advantages.
  • Partnership with a few People
  • Career Versatility

And most of all you witness the beautiful sunrises and mesmerizing sunsets from the sea.