How to choose the best dell laptops as per usage

How to choose the best dell laptops as per usage

dell laptops
dell laptops

Dell Laptops are one of the most popular and necessary gadgets that many of us use almost daily. Latest smartphones can cover many computer utilities, but still, laptops are a must for students, office workers, gamers, small or big businesses, and other user types. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of Dell laptop options, especially when you are looking for a mid-range Dell i5 laptop. Before purchasing your Dell laptop, Knowing your computer purpose or requirements is a crucial first step to avoid getting confused, as these Dell Laptops come in various categories, configurations, price-range, etc. So, let’s look at the several crucial factors you must consider to pick the correct Dell Laptop for your purpose:

Central Processing Unit (CPU) or Processor

Starting with the CPU, if you need a computer for performing primary tasks, then Dell laptops with the latest generation of i3 processors are more than adequate for your need. Dell i5 laptop will be a better choice for you if you want your computer to handle more than just viewing videos, casual browsing, and running essential software.

Especially if you are a student and hoping to enjoy a few computer games and FHD quality video play, then a Dell i5 laptop is a good fit for you and will let you play computer games and run medium-intensive software without any issues. Processors like Core i7 and i9 are premium CPUs and offer the most reliable performance, but these superior performing CPUs come with a higher price tag.

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If you have a good budget and want to experience the best gaming performance or need to run intensive software, then Dell Laptop with i7 or i9 can be a perfect fit for you.


The next factor you need to consider before buying your Dell laptop is the graphics processing unit or GPU. If you’re not a heavy user, then you needn’t get bothered by GPU, and the integrated GPU that comes in most of the Dell i5 laptops will be enough for your needs.

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But, if you wish to play computer games or plan to use heavy rendering software, you will need a dedicated graphics card. For conveniently playing your computer games at reasonable frame speed (FPS), we suggest going for a Dell laptop that comes equipped with at least NVIDIA GTX 1650Ti or better GPUs. To experience the joy of playing AAA games at the best FPS possible, you will need a Dell laptop with NVIDIA RTX 2070 or higher.


Whichever Dell laptop you decide on, a minimum of 4GB of RAM is a must. 4GB RAM sticks are the bare minimum requirement to handle multiple applications simultaneously and have multiple browser tabs open without your laptop crashing on you. If you’re an avid gamer or intend to use intensive software, then 8GB of RAM is acceptable, but we suggest opting for 16GB to future-proof your purchase.


Entry-level Dell laptops usually come with a resolution of 1368×768, which may not be adequate for some users. For primary use, this might be enough, but we suggest going for a minimum of 1920×1080 resolutions, also known as full HD. For better screen resolution, you can consider higher pixels as per your purpose. Many 4K Dell laptop models are available, but their battery consumption is high, and you might need to keep them plugged in. Apart from the resolution, you must look at the screen panel itself; for primary usage, the screen panel again doesn’t matter much.

But, the more specific you get with your use-case or with higher requirements, you will need to consider certain factors before finalizing your Dell laptop, like screen refresh rates(Hz) and NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync support, which again depend on the laptop GPU. Most Dell laptops come with an acceptable refresh rate of 60Hz, but for playing heavy-duty latest games on maximum FPS, you will need to go for premium Dell Laptops with 144Hz.

Your laptop experience is going to be only as good as the brand that stands behind the product. Timely and accurate technical support is paramount, which is why we strongly advise you to check Dell laptop configurations and their user reviews. Especially, check out their latest generation Dell i5 laptops if you are looking for a budget-friendly laptop for your requirements with the assurance of top-notch post-sales service.


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