How Manglik Dosh can affect your marriage and your married life

How Manglik Dosh can affect your marriage and your married life

Manglik Dosh

Astrology suggests that even the case that you are a Mangli (Manglik) gets married someone else. There are trials and sorrows during the life of a married couple and the person who is the partner may end up losing his life. Astrology also suggests that it is a good idea to have an Manglik married to an Manglik since the union of the two will end with the Manglik Dosh. If you’re unaware of what this means and the impact it can have Read it!

How do you define Manglik Dosh and how it can affect your marriage and your married life?

Manglik Dosh holds great significance in the field of astrology. According to Hinduism. Manglik dosha is directly connected to marriage. According to astrology, that when Mars is located in one of the positions, such as the 4th, 1st 7th, 8th, and 12th positions in the horoscope of a person. The person is thought to suffer of Manglik Dosha. Manglik dosha is due to the planet’s position Mars. When we talk about Mars it is known as”the God of war. This planet is unmarried. It is interesting that the planet that is not married makes certain patterns in the horoscopes of its inhabitants. That continue to cause issues remain, not only in wedding proposals, but also in marriage. 

So it is recommended that a manglik should marry Mangliks, otherwise there could be an adverse effect on the marriage. Astrology suggests that even the case that the Mangli (Manglik) has a marriage with an non-Manglik there are trials and sorrows that come with the marriage life. Many often the spouse is left to fend for themselves. Therefore, Astrology also states that it is a good idea to marry a Manglik to a Manglik. Because the union between the two of them will automatically end with the Dosh of Manglik. If you’re unaware of what it means and the impact it can have take a look!

Why do people sufer due to Manglik Dosh?

The first step is to should investigate the reasons and what the process by which Manglik Dosh is formed. The reason is the flaws that are related to Mars. Indeed, in the Scriptures, Mars is considered a source of power, anger as well as courage and good luck. If Mars is the planet of Mars is deficient in the horoscope and the person is affected, they is likely to be arrogant, angry and powerful. 

If the person in question is married to someone who is not a Manglik person, then they will be manglik. Manglik person will attempt to stifle the other partner by expressing his anger, passion courage, and rage. In such a scenario, the marriage is not going to be successful.In general the world of Hindu community that when a child or girl has Mangal dosha in their Horoscope. And is married to someone other than a Manglik person, the partner may lose their life. Therefore, the majority of people opt for the Manglik life partner to be the wedding of their Manglik home.

What happens when Manglik Dosh considered to be dangerous?

In general, Manglik dosh can cause a disruption to the marital life of the person. If you have Mars located in the seven house of the horoscope. It is possible that there will be issues with the time of marriage, and issues persist after the marriage. If Mars is in the 4th house the person who is born there will get married prior to the time. When you marry early, it is not easy to get married and the marriage is not always successful. If Mars is located in the eighth house of the horoscope then there is a chance of the person being in the wrong place because of which the possibility exists of a divorce. All of these factors cannot be proven scientifically. However, believers in Astrology are of the opinion that Mangal dosha causes issues when it comes to marriage.

If Mars is located on the eight house of Kundli and the Kundali, there is the possibility of death of the manglik spouse. native. Because associated with this possibility, Manglik life partner is sought out by Manglik people. To remove the negative side manglik, the person born is married to one of the Peepal tree or pitcher, or Shaligram to ensure it is that the yoga of death can be eliminated. There are stories of weddings of other famous people around you. Where the ceremony was held following a round of the pitcher or the peepal tree. This is actually done to get rid of the death yoga that is written within the horoscopes of Manglik. In order that all the bad luck of Yoga are taken care of through Peepal tree Kumbh as well as Shaligram and Manglik’s wife is not affected.


Astrology also states it is possible to marry after 28 years i.e when the 29th year occurs, Mangal Dosha in the horoscope is automatically ended. Following this, the individual is able to marry anyone. However you can take advice with any astrologer for your concern respectively!