How Does Umrah Alleviate Depression From Our Lives?

How Does Umrah Alleviate Depression From Our Lives?

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As per Public Health England (PHE), one out of every 5 people in the United Kingdom suffers from moderate to severe depression. In the foreseeable future, PHE predicts a 22.5 percent rise in the number of persons who will suffer from dementia. Due to lower living standards and a lack of accessibility, immigrant populations have even greater rates of mixed anxiety, lack of happiness in their lives, lower self-confidence, and well-being than the rest of the UK.

The Devil’s most powerful weapon is hopelessness. Therefore, the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) advised his followers and companions to pray to Allah Almighty for protection from the darkness of the soul. Depression and hopelessness both destabilize or weaken the heart, reduce patience and spirituality, and demotivate believers from progressing in life and following Islam. It benefits the Shaytan (devil) over and over again, like a high-interest investment, because the believer in Allah spirals deeper and deeper into hopelessness and darkness, and gets further away from Allah’s path.

Almost everyone is facing problems or challenges and finding the best possible solutions for them. Therefore, performing Umrah is the all-in-one solution for them to overcome all the issues and troubles in their lives. For this, Muslims Holy Travel is providing you with a fantastic opportunity to perform Umrah and alleviate your anxiety and depression. All you have to do is just book one of the best and pocket-friendly Umrah packages including 10 Nights Carefully Designed Umrah 2022 Bundles with ultimate convenience and comfy.

The pilgrimage to Allah’s House brings the believers back to their most perfect, spiritual, and brilliant state. Instead of spiraling, they return to the heart of Islam, regaining the vision and willpower of their lives that stress, sin, and fear had taken away over the years. The Umrah can be a powerful right-hand punch on the face of Shaytan (Devil) who has been ravaging your soul for an extended period of time. Here are some ways that will assist us to alleviate depression from our lives by performing Umrah;

Allah The Al-Mujeeb:

All the names of Allah Almighty are soul-healing, but His name Al-Mujeeb must be kept in mind by anyone who is suffering from depression. All of Allah Almighty’s names are soul-healing, but anyone suffering from depression should remember His name Al-Mujeeb, which is one of His Majesty’s 99 names. One who responds/one who answers’ is what Al-Mujeeb means.

If you don’t hear Allah, it doesn’t mean He isn’t responding. Performing Umrah pilgrimage comforts the pilgrims that they are already successful in this world and the hereafter and also that their depression and sorrow are only dampening that success. So, don’t give up your today’s happiness and comfort because of yesterday’s regrets or tomorrow’s inhibitions. There is no other place where a believer who is suffering from depression can remain mentally present than the Masjid-E-Haram.

Be Sure, You Are Not Alone:

You’ll realize that you’re not alone once you’re standing in the courtyard and looking around at the galaxy of white-clad pilgrims while circumambulating around the Sacred Kabah. You are not alone; others are bowing with you in front of a benevolent Creator, offering prayers with you, and also seeking forgiveness for their committed sins. It feels just like a Home; as all are sitting together in a single blanket to keep them warm.

By Consuming The Water Of Zamzam Well:

Depression is a disease that can be treated by consuming Zamzam water, which contains spiritual blessings and healing ability. Therefore, if your despair or depression becomes severe or intense. You must drink water from the ZamZam well instead of the mineral water bottle. Perhaps this act alone will lift the veil of despair, darkness, or anxiety from a broken heart.

Umrah – A Great Break From Busy Routine:

On a regular basis, we wake up, check our phones, and immediately begin to worry. Worry about getting the kids to school and yourself to work. Accomplishing the task at your job, how harmful to health your personal choices are, and how to effectively manage your time among friends, work, and family. Rather than focusing on a one-size-fits-all solution to your problems. Step away from them for a while, just for getting your mental state in order. The Umrah break will assist you in reflecting more clearly and calmly about your life. Also, Umrah separates the believer from the world, elevating him/her to a higher level of consciousness. And when the believer returns to home and starts his/her previous routine, then the majority of worries seem insignificant.

By Ajwa Dates:

As fresh dates are difficult to get. Ajwa Dates are a type of dates growing in the Madina region that are transported all over the world. The Umrah enables you to buy dates containing Tryptophan, a mood-boosting chemical component that denatures once dried and delivered. It also has a larger carbohydrate content per serving. Which causes the brain to generate serotonin, the happy and relaxing hormone.

Exercise During Umrah:

Doing exercise is highly essential for maintaining one’s health and fitness. By requiring or enabling them to walk and do tawaf around the Sacred Kabah. And between the hills of Safa and Marwa, the Umrah cultivates the habit of doing exercise in the Muslim believers. It’s normal and healthy to become fatigued. It would also help you to sleep deeper. It is because, during Umrah’s performance, pilgrims pray more attentively and intently. Wake up with the rising sun and go to bed. When the stars are just beginning to appear in the sky. As a result of this, their biorhythms would begin to sync up with each other.

All-in-all, undertaking Umrah is the best way to heal your inner self. To enable you to overcome despair, to liberate you from all worries. And also to prevent the Shaytan (Devil) from taking control of your life.

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