How Animals Help Us To Save The Planet

How Animals Help Us To Save The Planet

How Animals Help Us To Save The Planet

How Animals Help Us To Save The Planet

Wild animals along with all other creatures and plants are part of the environment, in the same way, all cells and organs are part of our body. They are interconnected and dependent on each other to keep the environment healthy.

Some species hunt others and consume other plants, but all of this is complex and delicately programmed into the correct transactional balance. And as we cannot function healthily with some organs missing, if one of them is lost, it will negatively affect the health of the other species and the environment (or ecosystem) as a whole.

Effect of Ecosystem

An ecosystem is the way it is now because of all the organisms that live in it; If you remove even a tiny creature like an insect, the ecosystem will change. Often for the worse.

There was a forest where wolves lived with deer. Wolves are banished by humans, thinking we have done well, wolves are scarier to us than naked monkeys.

The process of harvesting

Soon the vegetation began to decline; Grasses disappeared, trees were dying, river banks were falling due to a lack of roots maintaining the ground: the area went from green and beautiful to a desert, yellow, sandy, with sometimes somber vegetation Gone.

Due to the disappearance of the wolves, the deer lived of their own accord; ate all vegetation, produced many children, increased their population by ALOT.

Cusses Of Disapprence of wolves

Humans realized this and eventually kept some wolves back to maintain the deer population; It took a while, but the sandy area again began to grow vegetation, the land flourished again, the rivers became beautiful again.

We do what we humans want, often with good intentions in mind, yet our impact is enormous. With the extinction of all species, nothing can be said about what will happen to our blue-green planet.

1. Bee

Bee Pollination Bees are responsible for pollinating all the plants around us, in fact, they pollinate about a third of everything you eat. In addition to providing us with a good food product, and providing work for thousands of beekeepers around the world, they also help pollinate the most common plants around us.

2. Dogs

Dogs can be trained to do a variety of tasks, and there are dogs that live to work. Doggies’ additional sense of smell may select plants and animals for further research and conservation. Canines have long been used in special K-9 police units and other services to sniff out drugs and bombs pet care adda. They can also locate rare endangered plants and animals in nature.

3. Rat

Like dogs, rats can also be trained to smell dangerous explosives from the ground. Unexploded mines can be serious pollutants and hazards to others, making large areas habitable and unusable.

Ecosystem is about food webs and relationships between different organisms connected through food chains. Even if a single wildlife species becomes extinct from the ecosystem, it can disturb the entire food chain and ultimately lead to disastrous results.

 The growth of some harvests

Consider a simple example of a bee which is important for the growth of some crops because of their pollinator roles. If the number of bees decreases, the growth of food crops will certainly decrease due to lack of pollination.

Similarly, if the number of a species increases, it can again adversely affect the ecological balance. Consider another simple case of carnivore which is decreasing every day due to human hunting and hunting. The reduction of these carnivores is increasing the number of herbivores which depend on forest vegetation for their survival.

Food Chain for Animals

It will not be long, when the herbivores in the forests become so numerous that they will move to agricultural land and villages for their food needs. Thus, saving wildlife plays a big role in ensuring a check on the ecological balance, thereby maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Utilized to help humans

A large number of plant and creature species are utilized to help humans in some way or the other. Many drugs, such as aspirin, penicillin, quinine, morphine, and vincristine, have been obtained from uncultivated plants. If we talk about the ancient medicinal system of Ayurveda,

it has been using extracts and juices of various plants and herbs for centuries to cure problems like blood pressure, diabetes and many other neurological problems.

New Age of medical science

Since the beginning of medical science, scientists have learned a great deal about our own bodies and the factions of our bodies by studying other animals in nature.

By studying other animals, we can learn a lot about ourselves and the way our internal organs and cells work.

To find out where life came from and how life evolved on Earth, all the animals on Earth gave us bits and pieces of information.

The history we must know

We also found animal fossils and structures that existed thousands and even millions of years ago, and we studied how animals have adapted to change on Earth and transform themselves according to nature step towards gree and clean energy.


By studying other animals, we have also learned how we as humans evolved into the shape we are today. Some micro-organisms like bacteria help us to clean the environment; Others help plants by converting free nitrogen from the air and feeding on the roots.

Certain insects and earthworms help in agriculture by increasing soil fertility and increasing the organic quality of the soil. Symptoms of Depression 

Need to Law for Animals

Animal protection is a complex issue, but it is a core part of addressing the climate

crisis and ensuring that the Earth is capable of supporting all life, including human life. Animal preservationis also not limited to our favorite animals, such as lions or giraffes.

If we are to protect it, we have to care about all forms of life – from the biggest elephants to the tiniest bacteria.


Experts say we only have until 2030 to tackle the climate crisis before its worst effects consume us and make human life impossible to sustain on this planet for long. It really sounds awful because it is. But by fighting for animal protection, we can make a meaningful difference and ensure a place for our descendants on this beautiful planet.