The Complete Guide to Harishchandragad trekking – weekend The Thrill

The Complete Guide to Harishchandragad trekking – weekend The Thrill



Harishchandragad is a gorgeous vacation spot located in the Malshej region of the western ghats. It is a well-known fort that offers stunning mesmerizing green beautiful views of the western ghats as well as dreamy clouds over. It is located in the Ahmednagar district, it’s an extremely popular destination for adventurers as it’s an amazing place to hike to explore the natural world and its ancient history. Explore this thrilling adventure next weekend to witness the splendor of ancient forts and hills. Apart from forts and hills, Harishchandragad is also an ideal location in which you can go to the Saptarishi temple as well as the Kedareshwar caves.

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  2. There are many ways to trek and climbing to the hill.
  3. From Khireshwar
  4. Via Panchami
  5. Via Malichi vast
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How can I get in touch?

Thus, getting to Harishchandragad is extremely close to Thane, Ahmednagar, and Pune. From the Pune district, one can get to Harishchandragad via a shuttle bus that goes to Khireshwar village. Also, from Ahmednagar, one must travel via Mumbai and Nasik towards Ghoti village and then Sangamner, and finally Rajur village. Then, from Rajur village, after taking a taxi or a private vehicle and passing through some villages, you can get to the highest point Fort. The way to reach this fort via Thane is via the bus to Kalyan and then on to Nagar and finally up to Khireshwar village.

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Diverse routes for Trekking to reach the fort.

The climb to the top of Harishchandragad is possible in several ways based on the moderate to easy methods of doing it.

From Khireshwar

The trail is moderate and can be completed in two ways, one from Rajmarg and the other starting from Tolar Khind. The route from Rajmarg is risky and not recommended for treks. In addition, it is divided into three sections.

Khileshwar village to the forest Kind

Distance to the trail: 1.3 km

Duration: 30 minutes

Beginning from Khileshwar village, you’ll first need to traverse pimpalgaon dam which takes about half an hour from Khubi Phata. Then you’ll arrive at the point where you started. After you’ve arrived at the beginning point, it will be evident by the boards you observe to your left. You’ll trek to paddy fields. The trails will take you to the mighty mountains, which will add to your enthusiasm.

Forest section from Kolar Khind

Distance of the trek: 1.8km

The duration of the trek is 1 hour 30 mins

When you are in the beginning section, you will be able to look around for streams that flow in which you can refresh. In the monsoon, the soil could get a bit slippery, therefore make sure you are taking the proper steps. After a short distance, you will visit a tea shop in which you can have a rest and drink or relax for a few minutes. Following this stop, you need to begin your journey of hiking up to Harishchandragad through Kolar Kund.

Tolar Khind to top of Harishchandragad

Distance of the trek: 5km

Duration: 3 hours

Beginning from the tolar kind, the real fun begins as you’ll need to climb a huge rock that’s 60-70 degrees. You’ll need chains and poles to help you and it is important to arrive at the spot before noon because in the afternoon, especially in the summer, these chains and poles become hot to climb and hold. After about an hour of climbing the rock, you’ll arrive at a plateau from which it is possible to see the route and the path you took. Pimpalgaon Dam and Khireshwar village can be seen from the top. When you go further, there are two trails to choose from on the right, which will lead you through seven hills until you reach the temple. The straight trail takes you to dense forests.

Via Pachnai

Distance of the trek: 3km

Duration of the trek: 2 hours

It is a simple hike with a simple path that is marked and it is achievable without the aid of a guide or other group. Beginning from Pachani village, you will see the board that directs you to Harishchandragad which will take you to a set of stairs and railings, making it much easier to walk. After a few minutes of this easy hike, you’ll arrive at an elevated plateau after crossing a wall. Then, you’ll reach Harishchandragad Fort. Harishchandragad fort.

Lichi vast

Nalichi vaat is an arduous hike for those who are new to the area because you must climb 80 degrees up the cliffs. The trek is achievable in 2 days and involves walking over large boulders and patches.

Belpada village to Konkan Kada

Trek Distance – 6km

Duration: 9 hours

It’s about 9 hours and Belpada Village is considered to be the starting point on this route. It is recommended to begin trekking in the early morning when you’ll see streams near villages where you can sit down for a time to rest. Because sitting in the lush nature will give you a lot of tranquility as you stroll along the trail that leads to dense forests. In a short distance, you will be able to reach the main bed. 

Then, walk upstream of the mainline across large rocks. Here you must be cautious since it’s a huge rock and can be slippery. If you follow this path for 30 to 60 minutes or more you’ll come to the main source of water that is formed by patterns of rock laid with tiny waterfalls flowing across it. After that, the trail goes upwards and you must keep walking cautiously over stones. As you progress, you’ll never come across any kind of signs, boards, hoardings or sing, or even a landmark that can guide you further. You’ll have to continue on your way for the next two and two-and-a-half hours.

Find Nali which appears to the right of the mountain, which appears to be a canyon. to get to Nali you must follow a narrow path that will be similar to a difficult upward climb. After twenty minutes on the mountain, you’ll be able to see a huge boulder in front of you that could be difficult for those who are new to climbing as it’s 25 feet in height. 

It’s also the most difficult part because it takes nearly 2 or 3 hours to traverse this route. Once you cross the nali, you’ll be able to see vast plains from which it is easy to locate Konkan Kada. After 15 minutes, you’ll arrive at Konkan Kand, the main mountain of Konkan Kand. It was the day one destination that you wanted to find to set up your camp and unwind.

To begin with, Khireshwar

Distance of the trek: 8 km

Duration: 4 hours

The first thing you see when you wake up is the stunning views of the sunrise is an ideal way to start your day fresh and give you the energy to continue on this hike. Begin your journey toward the Taramati summit while you visit several caves and temples on your route. When you get further there is an uphill path that will take you from Tolar Khind to Khilwahsaw village. From here, you can follow the mentioned route which will take about 4 hours to get to Khileshwar.

The best time to go

The season runs from August through February, as the weather can be very hot during summer and it is difficult to go on a hike. In monsoon, rocks are slippery and dangerous due to the heavy rains on the western ghats. Winter is a good time for trekking in Harishchandragad.


Then Harishchandragad is a gorgeous place to hike, both for novices and experienced trekkers. It also gives you a gorgeous green lush view of the Western Ghats. Ancient temples and caves to explore will give you an all-encompassing experience of visiting the Western Ghats.