Designer Upholstery Fabrics 5-Star Hotels Should Use for Their Chair

Designer Upholstery Fabrics 5-Star Hotels Should Use for Their Chair

In today’s market, there are a lot of chairs for sale. These chairs for sale have their qualities, designs, colors, and texture. It’s essential to choose the chairs to complement the details given, especially when decorating a hotel space. Chairs for sale in the market can be classified as an additional decoration wherein it completes a room, or you can also call it an accent chair. An accent chair is a seating piece that spices a dull space and adds visuals into it. But it doesn’t just stop in picking the right chair. It is also essential to make sure that the furnishing fabric is suitable for the place.

Choosing the suitable material for your upholstery fabric is vital to satisfy both the aesthetic and the function that suits the chairs you need. The chairs for sale in any platform have their distinction, so being aware of factors such as durability, cleanability, and resistance to fading is vital to consider. When choosing the suitable upholstery fabric for chairs, you need to assume many factors. So, keep reading this article, as it will provide the information you need to select the right upholstery fabric for your chairs and have the chance to purchase the best chair for sale.

Best Upholstery Fabrics for your Chairs


Cotton is a natural fiber that empowers good resistance to fading and wears. It is the most used natural fiber and is the cheapest type of fabric in the world. Cotton gives a soft feel to your furniture or chair with its comfort and stability qualities. Cotton also has excellent durability and resistance to fading. However, it is vulnerable to stains.


One of the primary features of this material is its lustrous appearance. Silk is a natural fiber made by silkworms and honeybees, known to be one of the strongest natural fibers. It means that it can resist being pulled and stretched to fit furniture during the upholstery process without ripping and tearing. Silk has wrinkle-free features compare to other materials.  Also, it can resist heavy objects because of its crush-resistant quality.


Linen is a natural fiber that comes from the flax plant. It is naturally strong, with soft and lustrous features. It also can resist soiling and pilling.

Wool & Velvet

Both types of wool and velvet are thick and durable and also significant in creating traditional pieces. This fabric also brings warmth great for cold climates and also very durable and resilient.

Wool is typically durable and thick that it can resist pilling and staining. It is also an excellent choice for high-traffic places. However, when the wool gets wet, it can cause an odor hard to get rid.


Leather Is a durable fabric. Leather can be a great option when you are stuck in high-traffic areas because of its comfy features. Also, leather is highly suggested for those who have animals or pets. Leather can be effortless to vacuum and last for a long time.


Rayon is a synthetic man-made material that was made to imitate silk, cotton, etc. It is a breathable fabric, therefore comfortable to use. It is a durable material that is resistant to wrinkling. The lightness of the fabric prevents it from sticking to the skin, providing a smooth feel. It is recommended to hand wash rayon not in hot water to avoid damage or shrinkage.


Polyester is a durable synthetic material that can withstand stretches and tears, unlike natural materials. It is an excellent combination with other materials to protect the fabric, strengthening the chairs for sale. Polyester fiber is moisture resistant; therefore, it does not stain. It also keeps its shape and is immune to wrinkling. Polyester is also long-lasting because of being non-biodegradable, ensuring a long life for the chairs for sale.


Acrylic is an attempt to imitate wool fibers and is used outdoors. It is hydrophobic, meaning it resists moisture. It does not stain easily and provides a warm feel, and has a soft texture. It has the properties of other materials such as cotton and therefore can be an excellent match to blend them. However, Acrylic is cheaper compared to the natural fiber it imitates. Acrylic can be machine washed, and its colors will not fade.


These are the best upholstery fabrics used in chairs for sale in the market. These different materials lean toward a specific use that takes advantage of the material’s characteristics. Knowing the characteristics will help you make the best choice for the type of function the material will be used for and buy the best chairs for sale. It will also help you make an impression on your guests and make them feel relaxed and comfortable. So what are you waiting for? Check out the marketplace today and buy now! You will find great deals to order for your accent chairs online.