What are the CBSE Commerce subjects in Class 11 and 12?

What are the CBSE Commerce subjects in Class 11 and 12?

Commerce subjects in Class 11

After class 10th, students get various subjects options to opt for their classes 11 and 12. Some of the subjects require some benchmarked marks, whereas some do not. Students can select any subjects that they want to specialize in further. Although there are several subjects, the domain is held by Science, Commerce, and Arts. Here we will be talking majorly about the commerce stream. We will also observe the variety of Commerce subjects in Class 11 and 12.

Also, along with the subjects and syllabus, the students should consider the classes, study materials, and proper platform to study from. Here you will also get to know how online classes will help you and why to join CBSE Class 11 Online Classes for commerce students. So let us start with the class 11 commerce curriculum.

Class 11 Commerce Curriculum

In the commerce stream in classes 11 and 12, you will generally be studying the business and the trade pursuits, along with the economic status and accounting part. The primary subjects covered in the Commerce for class 11 and 12 CBSE include Economics, Business Studies, and Accountancy. Students can also opt for the optional subjects with English as a compulsory language.

The students in classes 11 and 12 can opt for various combinations of subjects in Commerce. The primary subjects covered in Class 11 and 12 are as follows.

Mandatory Subjects of Commerce in Class 11 and 12:

  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • English

Along with these compulsory subjects, students should also opt for optional subjects such as Mathematics, Information Technology, Physical Education, Hindi, etc.

Commerce subjects in Class 11 and 12

As previously mentioned the significant subjects that a student must study in Commerce now we will discuss the subjects in detail. Majorly there are 4 subjects in commerce accounts, business studies, economics and English. But students can take optional subjects also option subjects as their school have in option as all school offer different subject like IP, EP, PE, Maths and etc.


Accountancy is one of the three significant commerce subjects that need the great practice of assigning, recording, and describing commercial marketing. It mainly focuses on the financial management and recording of the commerce sector. Financial Accounting is a significant thing that one learns from the information in Accountancy.

Business Studies

Business Studies is known as the social science of Commerce, where the student learns about the core of business in detail. It includes all the stages of opening, managing, and growing a business. This subject improves your business skills and focuses on management, communication, operational, and commercial skills.


Economics is majorly the study of scarcity and utilization of resources. This subject helps the students better make the use of resources and the requirements of the business and corporate sectors. It is a comprehensive study of how individuals and organizations flourish in the market and their factors. It also makes the detailed study of specific circumstances in the nation’s economy, such as unemployment, recession, inflation, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned significant subjects of Commerce, students can also opt for Mathematics, Information Technology, Physical Education, etc., as the optional subjects. English remains the compulsory one for the students of classes 11 and 12.

Tips for Class 11 Commerce Students

Although many assume that commerce is an easy subject, in reality, it is not. To secure good marks in subjects of Commerce, one needs a lot of practices and hard work. Here are a few tips that are going to help you gain good marks in Commerce subjects in classes 11 and 12:

  • Make a proper schedule and give time to each subjects properly.
  • Learn about the syllabus and the exam pattern of the each subjects.
  • Divide the dates for each topics and try to rap up all the topics before 2 to 3 months of exam so thatt you can revise properly.
  • Solve maximum questions from the sample papers and the previodu year questions.
  • Join an online class for subjects of Commerce for timely syllabus completion and proper materials.

Career Options in Commerce

The Commerce stream opens the door for numerous career opportunities after class 12. You get terrific options in the fields of business, markets, accounting, social sciences, and arts. You can appear in essential exams such as CA, CS, CMA, etc. Starting your own business with the knowledge acquired will also be an option. You can go for the respective Bachelor’s degree such as B.Com, BBA, etc. You will never go out of opportunity in Commerce.

Study the Commerce subjects in Class 11 Online Classes

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