Best Medical University for Study MBBS in Russia

Best Medical University for Study MBBS in Russia

Best Medical University for Study MBBS in Russia

MBBS is an acronym for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is the most sorted course for people who wish to dedicate their lives to medical science. However, MBBS is not just about gaining knowledge of human anatomy or biochemical parameters of the human body, its scope is far ahead in real-world applications, be it surgeries, diagnosis or treatment. Here steps in the need of credible and reliable institutions who can guide you in this spectacular field of medicine. There are Best Medical universities for studying MBBS in Russia. Its you call to act on it!!

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Best universities to opt for pursuing MBBS in Russia

1. Bashkir State Medical University Russia

Benefits for Indian students

  • Great mentorship provided: – Bashkir State Medical University stands out and tops the academic charts. The innovative ways of teaching intrigues students to reach out to more opportunities, be it in the field of research, or new development contributing to betterment of human-race.
  • Great Ambience: – Basically There are lots of groups of Indian students who are enrolled in MBBS courses here. Their reviews show us that the university has great ambience and education facilitators.
  • Quality Education: – However, This university is an ideal place for anyone, especially Indian minds, to start a rewarding career in medicine. MBBS in this Russian university is taught purely in english. The university is about eighty years old and holds firm roots in the teaching methodology and experimental approach for better learning.
  • Wide range of programs: – Moreover, The university holds expertise in providing 129 Medical programs. Bachelor’s speciality, residency, postgraduate studies and more than 800 training programs are being carried out. Basically All this is to provide exposure to new interns and help them evolve in profession.
  • Fee structure: – Bashkir State Medical university Fees of MBBS lies in medium range. It ranges in between 3 to 4 lakhs for each academic year. Their are additional expenses also that should be taken care of. But the fee is lower when compared to indian private institutions.

2. Orel State Medical University Russia

Benefits for Indian Students

  • Academic excellence: – Orel State University is unique in many aspects. Orel State University is the only classical university to be a prestigious member of the Association of classical universities of the Russian Federation.
  • Uniqueness: – Only educational institution in the region which provides training on a wide range of domains and specialties in higher and postgraduate education, training, retraining.
  • A great place for professionals: – Orel State University is the only institution that gives professionals in the area of most humane professions like doctors and teachers.
  • Dedicated training sessions: – However, Orel State University implements 110 basic educational programs of higher education in large groups of 14 training areas and specialties. Today the university is the successor of the best tradition of the great Russian education tradition.
  • Huge faculty: – Basically, At present, the Medical Institute of Orel State University has 17 departments, which employ more than 100 full-time teachers, of whom more than 30 Doctors Professors, 77 associate professors 3 Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, 8 Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, 12 academicians and 11 corresponding members of various public academies.
  • Fee structure: – Moreover, The cost of studying MBBS from a Russian medical university is within the budget of a common student as MBBS fees in Russia are subsidised by the Russian Government. The average MBBS fee in Russia is less than 3 lakh per year, which is the minimum fee for MBBS study abroad. Living costs remain almost the same as in India.

3. Mari State Medical University Russia

Benefits for Indian Students

  • Quality Education: – Education in Mari State University is at par with European standards. It follows the prescribe curriculum. The lecture halls and laboratories in MSMU are well equip with all the modern technicalities and innovations. Mari State Medical University is consider to be the hub of education and scientific research .
  • Well-Recognize: – Moreover, MSMU is list among the world’s major organisations like Medical Council of India, World Health Organisation, European Medical Council, UNESCO and the Medical Councils of many other countries.
  • Good accountability: – In Mari State University there is a novel concept of an effective feedback system which helps the university authorities to take the students’ opinions and doubts.
  • Amazing faculty: –  Basically, Highly skilled professionals teach here: 8 Doctors of Sciences and full professors, candidates of Sciences and Associate Professors. There are a large number of projects going under the state-financed research centre of the university. Students of all specialties are encourage to take active part in scientific research.
  • Fee structure: – However, Total fees is about 20 lakhs for the course .This includes a wholesome package of tuition fees and hostel fees. Their flexibility in the mode of payment. The second year medicos can pay according to their convenience. For food and other expenses, additional budget should be made.

4. Northern State Medical University

Benefits for Indian Students

  • Holistic development: – Northern State Medical University has all the possibilities for students and lecturers to realise their potential in co-curricular activities. There is a dance group call “Youth” in which dance styles like hip-hop, step dance etc.,are practice.
  • Great Accommodation: – Moreover, NMSU has 3 hostels within the territory of the University. Basically One hall can be share by 2-5 people depending upon the capacity. All floors have kitchens and continental food is available in the canteen. However, Diversification is seen in food items (Indian, Malaysian, Italian cuisine etc.). The hostels are secure and safe.
  • Sport Facilities: – However, There are various sports centres and fitness clubs. There is football, ice hockey, skiing, bicycle, tennis, volleyball, aerobics, martial arts and what not. There is probably the best place here for a morning jog along the banks of North Dvina River.
  • Fee structure: – The fees is about 33000 dollars. This fee package includes Tuition fee, medical insurance, hostel fee, MCI coaching for the complete duration of the course. However, Airport transfer to the university A phone call to parents on arrival in the university. Study material in English Language. Documentation of the student in the university, free translator to facilitate, and other services.


Basically Seeking admission in Medical college is consider as a matter of pride. It is a phase when life takes a new turn. When a Medico starts his/her career, the whole healthcare sector has aspirations attached to him/her, To give a head start, there are government and private institutions. People are nowadays are career drive and with many foreign institutions opening up for MBBS courses, students can begin their journey