Are You Aware Of Benefits Associated With Martial Arts Billing Software?

Are You Aware Of Benefits Associated With Martial Arts Billing Software?

Martial Arts Billing Software

Do you own a martial arts school? 

How do you manage to bill and collect fees?

Are you still stuck in the painful process of manual fee collection and billing? 

Haven’t you considered subscribing to Martial Arts Billing Software till now?

You should immediately change this way of cash management because it is very damaging in the long run. The manual billing process hampers the time and requires a human resource constantly on the desk to collect fees, do the billing, and cut receipts.

Why is manual processing of billing alarming?

Studies show that poor cash management and manual billing are a few of the prime reasons behind the failure of many studios, including gym and martial arts studios. These speculations have been made seeing the situations during the pre-pandemic phase when things were ‘normal.’ 

So, if a strategy can affect so much in normal times, think how damaging it could be for the times like the current pandemic. 

Thus, if you are a proud martial arts studio owner, consider automating the billing process and improving the invoicing process. It will reduce human dependency and manual intervention. In case you want to read more about the benefits of billing software over manual invoicing, here you go. 

1. Martial arts billing software eases down the chaos of invoicing each month

With automatic invoicing, your students are alarmed timely for the fee deposition and avoid late fee hassles.

When you choose a billing software like OnMat by JIBASoft, you get multitudes of facilities. These include online fee intimation, online payment processing, and sending the payment completion receipts to respective users through registered emails or mobile numbers.

2. You save enough time with the help of martial arts billing software 

Manually tracking finances always consumes valuable time, which you may have used to complete other important tasks. But it is no more the case now! You can subscribe to OnMat and smooth down the invoicing chaos to zero. The software keeps the summary of daily payments and updates the payment status immediately. 

Thus, you can leave the stress on the software and invest your important time in client building and relation-making with students.

3. There is no more chasing down the delay fees and dues

Delayed fees and dues cripple the cash inflow and create obstacles for further development of the studio. So, as the payments from students are not meant to be late, you take the help of the billing software to do the needful. The software will provide regular intimations to students about the upcoming fee and dues. 

You can also set to automatically send the invoices for fee payment which often students and their parents forget due to extremely busy schedules. 

4. Students also find it as a great help

This is the time of automation and digital evolution. Parents and students often want an easy-to-use system for online payment completion. At this point, offering them Martial Arts Billing Software is the best you can do. With the help of software, they can streamline the payment process and stay stress-free for the rest of the month. 

With OnMat, you can also set recurring payment options for students with forgetting nature. You can ask for this feature customization from the JIBASoft team. We value your comfort more than anything. 

5. Martial arts billing software reduces the credit card processing charges

Billing software often comes with inbuilt payment gateways and merchants. Your students can simply opt for the most reliable and easy one for themselves and pay the fee timely without worrying about the transaction charges. With this system, they simply save on their transaction charges and use them for a better purpose. 

6. The software improves the accuracy of invoicing

The manual process has the possibility of flaws. The OnMat billing software can entirely manage the inaccuracies and chances of missed payments. It comes with features like payments receipts and summaries.

You can anytime see incoming payments without much hassle.

On the contrary, this is not possible with manual invoicing. Every month, a number of martial arts studios carry forward with the burden of lost payment because they could not remember all the incoming details for once. 

The final put

So, without much thinking, choose credible martial arts billing and invoicing software. If you wish to cut the chase, then contact the team JIBASoft. They have industry-specific and standard software.