Apply for occupancy certificate and get assured of your property

Apply for occupancy certificate and get assured of your property

occupancy certificate

An occupancy certificate is an essential document that certifies the completion of construction of a building or property. This certificate gives evidence that this property or structure complies with local laws and the permissible plan. It also acts as a confirmation that this property or home is suitable for occupancy.

Individuals can issue an OC certificate from the local municipal authority of their property area. The authority issues this certificate depending on the completion of construction of this building.

Benefits and importance of occupancy certificate

An occupancy certificate ensures that a property is safe for occupation. If this certificate is not obtained, the local municipality can take legal action against the property owners. 

Besides knowing the occupancy certificate’s meaning, property owners must know the benefits and importance of obtaining an occupancy certificate: 

  1. When an individual wants to sell their property, this certificate is one of the most important documents that they will need.
  2. If individuals don’t have an OC, they cannot legally occupy a building or apartment. However, if they occupy this apartment, the local civic body can notify the property buyer to vacate the property anytime.
  3. If individuals want to apply for a home loan, they have to show this certificate to their lender.
  4. The most important thing is that when an individual applies for basic facilities like water connection, electricity connection or proper sanitation from a municipality, they have to show their occupancy certificate.
  5. Individuals should submit their occupancy certificate to claim tax benefit on the credit option.

To avoid future problems during property selling or buying or availing for loan against property, individuals must ask for the occupancy certificate from builders. Without obtaining an occupancy certificate, a buyer cannot legally settle in a property. In addition, ones should know that a building occupancy certificate can get good market worth.

Steps to get an occupancy certificate

If an individual wants to avail of an occupancy certificate, they can apply for it offline. Individuals can check the following step-by-step process to get this certificate:

Individuals have to visit their nearest local municipality or corporation.

They have to collect the required forms from the municipality’s concerned officer.

Enter all required details and attach all essential documents with that form.

Individuals should submit this application form to the municipality office.

After submitting this form, individuals can obtain their occupancy certificate within 30 days from the submission date. Then, if they want to check the status of occupancy certificate, they can go through the web portal of their state’s RERA by providing required details.

Documents required for occupancy certificate

Whenever individuals want to apply for an occupancy certificate, they should know the important documents to keep with them. The list of necessary documents for getting an occupancy certificate is as follows:

  • One photocopy of the sanctioned plan
  • Certificate of project completion
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from pollution and fire department
  • A latest property tax receipt
  • After completion of construction, the building’s photograph
  • An authorised engineer duly signed the area calculation sheet of the floor
  • Certificate of project commencement
  • Section and built plan
  • Evidence copies of the presence of rainwater harvesting and solar panel infrastructure.

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