Alluring Eid Dresses for New Brides to Wear This Eid

Alluring Eid Dresses for New Brides to Wear This Eid


Eid is one of the biggest festivals marked on the Islamic calendar. Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr on the First of Shawwal, immediately by the end of Ramadan, with great contentment and joyfulness. And with the onset of Ramadan, Muslims nowadays start their mornings by making necessary arrangements and buying essential items which they use in the month of Ramadan. In addition to that, shopping for Eid essentials and Eid dresses has to be done before or during Ramadan, which sounds tiring. But in reality, it is twice as stressful. However, Eid is basically incomplete without the glitz and glam of Eid Clothes.

eid dresses
Eid Dresses

But the process of finding Eid outfits that may save you from absolute disasters and chaotic shopping is a bit of a rarity these days. Blame it on the brands for not launching clothes of your choice, the weather for not being on good terms with your mood, or your choice of visiting stores that do not have enough items to present and please you, it is you who makes the decision either way. Choosing a beautiful and comfortable outfit among the many bests that you have seen for Eid is hard. We are aware of that. And in the case of newlywed brides, the stress is on the other level. But once you visit the store of your liking, you would not need to dig deep in search of an elegant Eid dress.

Libas e Jamila First Eid Dresses Collection Launch

The online brand and store, Libas e Jamila has so much to offer you, from casual wear to heavily embroidered dresses, traditional mirror works to simple and classic everyday outfits, with a wide range of colours and a diversity in designs. Clothes that look good on every body type and shape, coming in both varieties, stitched and un-stitched. Moreover, the absolute quality of clothes that are handled and crafted with beautiful patterns with so much dedication and hard work, is the number one rule of Libas e Jamila designers.

Newlywed brides living in the UK tend to find traditional Eid dresses UK hard for their first-ever Eid as married women. It is difficult to find good traditional clothes, in general, to wear at festivals while living abroad and yet yearning for cultural heritage. Therefore, keeping this in mind, Libas e Jamila launched their first-ever Eid Collection for women to help them select this Eid’s golden outfit.

Libas e Jamila Eid Dresses UK Collection
Libas e Jamila Eid Dresses UK Collection

Let us find you your best Eid outfit through this article!

Beautiful Eid Outfits for New Brides to Wear This Year

Are you celebrating your first Eid with your husband and in-laws this year and looking for a gorgeous dress to wear so you can celebrate your special day to the fullest? Well, in that case, we hope that this article will be a great help for you!

There are many looks that you can opt for this Eid. Each dress that is presented below has a unique vibe to deliver. From elegant to classy Eastern and traditional feel, the bestselling suits from the Libas e Jamila collection are enlisted below.

Heavy Embedded Eid Dresses with Contrasting Colours

If you are looking for something decent to wear this Eid, this gorgeous combination of copper green and maroon on the satin georgette crafted with detailed sequence on the Shirt and the hem of Dupatta gives this dress an absolute ravishing look. Pairing this utterly beautiful dress with traditional jewellery or just jhumkas can be a perfect wear for you this Eid.

Contrasting colours

Another Eid clothes UK you can go for is this stunning golden beige and red dress, crafted with beautiful golden embroidery on the shirt and trousers, and less embroidery done on the Dupatta to give it a dazzling look.

With Will, Wear Silk

Eid dresses can be a fusion of both; modesty and elegance with the bold and loud color combination.

Silk is synonymous with sophistication and royalty. It is famous in women for complimenting every body shape and type. And if this light silk fabric is printed and crafted with elegant embroidery, then it becomes the most dazzling piece of art.

Wear Silk dress

Libas e Jamila has silk fabrics with beautiful works done on them. These silk dresses have digital prints and are made from pure dola silk fabric. The combination of different colours on a piece of light silk fabric is the new trend this year.

Intricate Patterned Chiffon Dresses

Chiffon dresses are the go-to outfits to wear at festivals like Eid, Diwali, or occasions that hold the most significance in your life. Whether the dresses are embroidered or have a unique monochromatic look, they have an appeal that attracts everyone. Chiffon dresses can be the best choice option to wear on Eid if they are designed in white or natural nude tones.  Colourful and loud chiffon suits do not leave far behind. They are adored as equally as the ones with simple and classic designs.

chiffon dresses

Elegant Chiffon shirts can be paired with straight or flared plain trousers with flats.

This alluring off-white chiffon dress is one of the best-selling outfits from the Libas e Jamila collection. Completed with gorgeous thread embroidery on the shirt and beautiful beads with thread work on the dupatta. The brand promises quality of the material and safe handling.

Another masterpiece from the Libas e Jamila collection is this beautiful deep green chiffon three-piece suit that is much loved by our clients. Beautiful metal and thread embroidery can be seen on this alluring dress which is done by fine hands.


We understand the pressure on a beautiful newlywed girl which is put on by society. Constantly being reminded of the marriage that occurred months ago and groundless expectations of people can put a burden on a new blushing bride. However, upon finding the right store and clothes of your choice, you can make this ‘search operation of finding the best Eid dress for you a lot easier than before. 

Visit Libas e Jamila site for more colourful eid dresses.

Happy shopping!