The Advantages of Studying in a Dubai Indian School

The Advantages of Studying in a Dubai Indian School

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Indian parents are known to want the best for their children, especially when it comes to their children. To those who work abroad, one of the biggest concerns is about the educational facilities available to the children. Fortunately, there are many excellent international schools in Dubai that enable expats to have their children receive an excellent education.

Indian schools in Dubai
Indian schools in Dubai

Curriculums of International Standard:

As far as Indian children studying in Dubai schools, the biggest advantage is the multi-nation, multicultural and global environment that they are exposed to. The leading Indian school in Dubai has to be the Global Indian International School on account of its high standards and sterling education, attuned to international standards. This is evident by the fact that it offers both CBSE as well as IBDP curriculum.

The Bridge Programme of GIIS:

What is particularly good GIIS school from the point of view of newly arrived Indian expats is that it offers a bridge programme to new admission that enables them to join any time during a term and receive every assistance in catching up with their peers. This lifts a great burden from the minds of parents who worry that their children may not be able to successfully join school mid-term. 

It is things like these that make this school and indeed the way education as a sector is given priority in Dubai so special. The world today is a very competitive one where only those who are able to compete with the best are able to make any headway in life. This is true not only in terms of one’s academic accomplishments, but also one’s demeanour, conduct and level of sophistication. 

Diversity in Classrooms:

Dubai being the dazzlingly modern megapolis that it is, provides the perfect setting for a global lifestyle and in that sense children growing up and studying there are quite privileged. The fact that they get to interact with fellow students hailing from diverse ethnic, cultural, national and economic backgrounds makes them develop well rounded personalities. 

Parent Engagement:

The best international schools in Dubai like the Global Indian International School encourage an interactive parent-teacher-student engagement as a major way of helping students grow and develop to their fullest potential. We are at the cusp of the greatest technological revolution that mankind has ever witnessed that promises to change the way the world will work, communicate, conduct business and communicate. It is important the school going youngsters are prepared to deal with the challenges that this new world will throw at them. 


World-Class Infrastructure:

The Dubai Indian schools boast of the best pedagogy, as well as the most up to date infrastructure and outstanding teachers and instructors to provide world class education to their students. It is not surprising, therefore, that their track record in placing students in some of the best colleges and universities in the world is outstanding. 

If there is one thing that Indian expats living and working in Dubai can be sure of is the fact that their children will receive a first rate world class education in the many great Indian schools there. Moreover, the fact that there are a large number of Indian students studying in these schools makes for a very conducive environment for those students who have recently arrived from India.