Advantages of an Online Psychiatrist

Advantages of an Online Psychiatrist

Online Psychiatrist
Online Psychiatrist

Seeking help from an online psychiatrist is a part of telemedicine services that provide counselling or mental health therapy through electronic communications. The mediums often used for such communications includes applications like Zoom, Meet, Skype, etc., to connect patients to good licensed online psychiatrists.

The rise of such services was at its peak during the lockdown. It has transformed the way people seek support. This advanced healthcare service has paved the way for some of the leading changes in the field.

Online Psychiatrist Services- Advantages

An online psychiatrist service has many benefits over an offline psychiatrist in this modern era, where people lack the time and effort to be made to consult them. These services are advantageous to mental health advice seekers in the following ways:-


These services are extremely cost-effective as the fee for consulting an online psychiatrist is much lesser than consulting one offline. This is due to the reason that online therapists have fewer costs, such as renting an office space.


These are extremely convenient as you can schedule the therapy sessions from the comfort of your home and at a time which is suitable to you. Women on their menstrual cycle often face extreme mood changes and mood swings, adding to their anxieties. This is beneficial for them in case they wish to share their feelings with someone. This was beneficial during the lockdown when no one was allowed to travel longer distances without permission.


This is another major advantage of online psychiatry. You do not have to travel long distances to meet and seek expert advice from a psychiatrist. Some people who have road sickness often might feel dizzy while travelling long distances and can end up worrying about ill health.

Saves Time

This is connected to the above point of transportation. It is obvious that if you do not need to spend time travelling to a certain place, then your time will be saved for sure. By availing of an online mental health service, you can save your time on weekends to be spent on something more productive than attending therapy sessions far away from home. 

Good services accessible to remote locations

Some small towns do not have good psychiatrists available offline. So, the people residing there can seek advice from good psychiatrists online from other towns or cities. With a rise in awareness regarding mental health and the importance of taking take of one’s mind, these services are also much in demand in places which do not have physical access to such services.

No- hesitation access to online therapy

There have been cases of patients cancelling their offline appointments at the last minute. This can be because most people with mental health issues do not feel comfortable speaking and letting their thoughts flow without restrictions in the presence of a stranger in the form of a psychiatrist.

Continuity in seeking therapies

Often people get relocated from one place to another and lose touch with their regular therapist, who is aware of all their issues and vulnerabilities. In that case, online therapies are helpful as it helps in maintaining continuity in seeking advice no matter where one is.

Cost cut on travelling to different states

 In the case of offline therapies, people often also have to travel to other cities or states to seek expert advice. In that case, online therapy is helpful as it does not require one to travel long distances to meet the psychiatrist.

  • Patients Can Express themselves through Many Ways

One need not only talk to express one’s feelings and thinking. With online therapy, one can use texting, audio, and other different ways to communicate with their therapist. This is not often available when it comes to offline consultation.

  • More options for good therapists

Online therapy brings another advantage is that one can choose from a plethora of good and experienced therapists. If one is unsatisfied after consulting one psychiatrist, they can shift to another therapist in no time. One is not limited anymore to choosing from their immediate geographic area.

Helps to Bridge Distances between help seekers

It is often seen in cases when a couple or families wish to seek advice. There might be a problem with one of the members being out of the station while scheduling the consultation. In that case, the disadvantages of offline therapy get highlighted. Online psychiatrists then come to the rescue as they can be consulted by many people at one point in time residing in any part of the world.

No more worries about environmental and physical hindrances

Physical injuries, bad health or bad weather conditions also contribute to the many common reasons for appointment cancellations. If one switches to online psychiatric care, one no longer has to worry about environmental and physical conditions. Easy coordination can be established with the psychiatrist online to attend mental health treatment.


In conclusion, it can be said that online psychiatrist services have many advantages over offline therapy sessions. If one is planning to save a good amount of money and time, one should go for online therapy and attend them from the comfort of their home. To consult with the top best psychiatrist in Mumbai, you can visit Nanavati Max hospital.