8 Tips to Staying Fit When You Travel.

8 Tips to Staying Fit When You Travel.

8 Tips to Staying Fit When You Travel.

Traveling can be a difficult time for anyone. Between packing, figuring out what to bring, and packing again, it’s tough to maintain your fitness routine when you travel. If you’re looking for new tips to make traveling easier for yourself this summer, these are the 8 tips that have helped me stay fit while I travel.

1) To start with, pack light. It’s much easier to take a lighter load on the road than it is to carry more stuff than you need.

2) Keep your clothes fresh by doing laundry as needed. Prepare one set of outfits before traveling and wash them before unpacking them at your destination.

3) Take your favorite exercise gear with you on the road. It’s easy to get bored in a new place; use exercising as an excuse to explore your surroundings and enjoy what’s around you!

4) Sticking with an exercise routine can become difficult when there are lots of distractions around you, but if it helps keep you.

7 Tips to Staying Fit When You Travel

  • Take your workout gear with you on the road.
  • Pack light to make traveling easier.
  • Set yourself up for success by doing laundry as needed.
  • Embrace your surroundings; try new things and explore!
  • Make exercise a priority when it’s easy to get distracted, use exercising as an excuse to stay focused and enjoy what’s around you.
  • Keep track of where you’ve been and plan fun outings in the future.
  • Stick with it when it gets tough so that you can stick with it in the long run!

A Guide to Fit Packing

There are many ways to pack for travel. One of the most important things you can do is pack light. I’ve done a lot of research and found that an ideal packing list contains four layers: 

1) one set of clothes, 

2) workout gear, 

3) toiletry items, and 

4) a small bag or cosmetic case for your essentials (i.e., phone charger).


1) When packing your clothes, it’s easy to forget about cotton shirts! Cotton is great in hot weather when you need something light, but be sure not to bring too many cotton items because they’ll get wet from sweat.

2) Make sure to pack a pair of sneakers with you. It doesn’t matter if they’re broken in; this will make your feet happy while you’re traveling.

3) Pack your favorite muscles blaze workout gear instead of bringing a full-size gym bag. You don’t want to have a heavy bag weighing you down when you’re trying to stay fit while on the road!

4) If you really want gym clothes but don’t want them taking up space in your luggage, consider getting fitness clothing that packs flat like underwear or sleeveless tops and shorts.

Check your luggage!

Checking your luggage is a great way to keep track of all the items you’re bringing on the road. You’ll end up with fewer things to worry about, and it’s easy to keep track of what you’re taking with you by checking your luggage through the airline.

1) Bring a travel buddy or two with you! Sometimes the having company can make it easier for one person to stay fit while traveling.

2) Keep some water around. It’s easy to get dehydrated when there are no healthy food options available, so keep some water nearby at all times.

3) Pack an emergency kit that includes healthy snacks in case you get hungry or bored on a long flight.

4) Pack in these healthy tips! Traveling isn’t always easy, but if we make it a little more enjoyable, staying fit can be a lot easier than we thought.

Stay connected with fitness apps

It’s easy to get off track when you’re busy sightseeing and visiting new places.  Fitting in a workout routine is tough when there are so many opportunities for you to explore outside of your fitness routine. To help stay focused on your fitness goals, use one of the following apps:

– Runkeeper

– Strava

– Map My Fitness

– HealthifyMe

Get outside and exercise in new places

If you’re only staying in one place for a short time, it can be difficult to maintain your fitness routine. One way to keep up with your workout is to get outside and exercise in new locations.

If you’ll be staying in a city for a few days, walk around during the day and find a park or outdoor area where there are plenty of people around. If you’re staying at an airport or hotel, there are often trails nearby where you can walk or run.

1) Download headspace on your phone before heading out on the road. Headspace is an app that helps people meditate while they’re on their journey to stay focused and have more clarity.

2) Keep healthy snacks packed with you when traveling. Bringing healthy snacks like nuts and trail mix will help keep your energy levels up while also providing some much-needed nutrients!

3) Pack food items that are easy to digest when traveling because they won’t upset your stomach as much as other foods might.

4) Plan ahead for what training equipment you need for your trip so that it doesn’t take up too much space in your suitcase you don’t want to get stuck lugging around weighty dumbbells or bulky jump ropes!

Find the best gym in your city and town

It’s important to find a gym near your destination so you can continue working out. If you’re looking for a gym that is convenient for you, these are the 3 tips that have helped me find the best gyms in my town and city.

1) Look on Google Maps or Yelp to determine what gyms there are near your location.

2) Search for reviews of the gym and read through them to see if anyone has experienced any issues with the gym that could be a deterrent to signing up.

3) Call the gym and ask them about their membership policies; this will help you understand what it costs, what days they’re open, etc.

Watch what you eat when traveling

Eating healthy becomes a challenge when you’re out of your routine. You might end up eating junk food or not getting enough exercise because of the extra temptation around you. However, if it helps keep you on track, stick with what works best for you.

1) Don’t skip breakfast; it’s important to fuel your body before hitting the road.

2) Drink water, lots of water. It is super important to stay hydrated while traveling and exercising so that your body can function properly.

3) Bring a few healthy snacks with you in case hunger strikes (and it will).

4) Make sure to keep in touch with other fitness-minded friends while you’re traveling!

Plan ahead for your workouts.

Your travel itinerary can be a great place to plan out your workouts. Planning ahead is key because you’ll know when you’ll have the time for a workout and where you can do it.

1) Let go of the idea that you need to make it home in one piece. It’s not worth worrying about every little thing, especially if your health is the most important thing to worry about

2) Stay hydrated during the day. If you’re going to drink water, try keeping a water bottle with you so that it’s always at hand when you need it.

3) Try new activities while traveling. You never know what new adventures are around the corner! This tip is perfect for people who love exploring and want something new to keep them motivated while they travel.

4) Lastly, don’t forget your healthy snacks! There’s no rule saying that healthy snacks have to be boring; they just have to be nutritious!