7 tips to have maximum security at home against theft

7 tips to have maximum security at home against theft

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What can you do to have maximum safety at home against robbery? Today I want to give you 7 practical tips, which concern the fixtures and your everyday life habits. Read the article to find out more.

Today we will talk about home security against theft: I will give you 7 tips on how to plan – or instead how to organize – security to prevent home thefts.

# 1 – How to protect your home from theft is a question of balance

When it comes to home security theft – as in thermal insulation, sound insulation, and nature – balance is fundamental.

Anything related to safety will not achieve the desired results if there is no balance.

I see many situations where perhaps a class 4 security door is installed, combined with windows that do not guarantee the same level of security. In such cases, the security door will be of no use!

Also, because the thief will hardly try to get through the front door unless you live in a skyscraper and your apartment is on the 30th floor, that is the only access point. The attacker will always try to enter through the windows.

But having said that, balance is also a significant factor in windows and doors to prevent home burglaries. For example, putting armored glass without the frame being armored is useless. You get a heavy and expensive but unsafe frame. Hence, security has not yet been achieved.

# 2 – How to avoid home burglaries: Put yourself in his shoes!

To have security at home against theft, I invite you to put yourself in the shoes of the criminal: I know that it is difficult to do so. But try to imagine: if you were to enter a house, which access point would you try to prefer? where would you go

Not on the front. You would go to the back or the first floor on the terrace (if repaired); you would go where there is little light, or there are fewer houses on the side or in the back (depending on how the house is made).

That is often not thought of, but it is crucial to think about it when designing thieves’ home security.

# 3 – Prevent home burglaries: Analyze your area of ​​residence

Before thinking about protecting your home from theft, I recommend that you analyze the site. If you already live there, you have the advantage of knowing the neighborhood ideally. You know if it is a quiet area or an area at risk or high risk.

I advise you to imagine how it will become tomorrow if it opens some particular activity that could change the influx of certain people. If the viability of the roads changes, in short, you need to inquire a little to understand what level of security in the home against theft You will need.

Based on where you live or are going to live, you have to analyze how much security is needed because it is always about balance: the defense must always be proportionate to the offense.

Making a fort Knox in an area with no need almost runs the risk of having the opposite effect. Those who pass by may think, “Who knows what’s in it! “.

# 4 – Home security against theft with self-locking devices

The fourth tip is to install a self-closing system. For example, a class 3 door is often installed for entrance doors, and then you forget to lock it.

And thief’s home security will be zero!

If, on the other hand, every time the door closes, the lock locks by itself, you are sure that when you go to sleep, when you go away from home, when you go on vacation, you will not have the doubt to say ” But the door Did I lock it or did it stay open? “.

# 5 – Choose well the type of opening of the windows to have maximum security in the home theft

For home security against theft, the type of opening is essential: those who make windows – who are more knowledgeable on certain topics – may be taken for granted, but this is probably not the case for you who are reading the article.

Therefore, a fixed frame – with the same safety of glass, frame, fixing – is always safer than a frame with a door that can be opened.

The same goes for windows with one opening door, which is safer than windows with two opening doors, and so on for three opening doors, four opening doors, and so on.

Usually, this is a principle that always applies. Then it depends on the anti-burglary classes.

If I have a fixed class 2 burglar-proof window frame and a class 3 anti-burglary window that can be opened, the April one will still be safer than the fixed one. However, with the same anti-burglary class, the fixed element is likely safer than a window with an opening door; just as – again for the same anti-burglary type – a window with two opening doors will probably be less secure than a single door.

It happens because there are more holes, hinges, and mechanisms: it is normal that – even with the same anti- burglary classes – there are safer or less secure systems to prevent theft at home, even with the same anti- burglary classes.

Also, consider that the class covers a specific safety range, and within each, there are no sub-levels. Maybe a particular class 2 frame can almost reach class 3 as a guarantee of safety, but you can’t know it because there is no level 2.9. It will always be classified in class 2.

# 6 – How to defend yourself from home burglaries at night with armored doors

Penultimate tip: sleep peacefully!

What do I mean?

To increase security in the home against theft, you could create a security cell in the sleeping area. Then, stop the entire sleeping area with a door, for example, a security door for interiors.

These products do not appear as mammoth (such as armoured entrance doors).

It will create a surprise effect that the thieves will not like because they will face something they do not expect. In addition, they will not have time to complete the theft in the 2-3 minutes available to them.

In the meantime, you will be there safely, and you can call the police to come and rescue you!

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# 7 – How to avoid home burglaries with a security cell

The safety cell I mentioned in the previous paragraph can also be used. For example, when you go away on vacation, it could become your vault to put your valuables.

The same goes for the same thing as before: if the thieves come in and try to loot, they’ll get to a point where they won’t be able to access.

Meanwhile, the alarm will sound (if you have been good, you will have made the alarm and connected it to the police!).

So I would say you can go on vacation a little quieter than most people.

I hope I made you think positively about home security against theft.