7 Steps to Healthy Night’s Sleep

7 Steps to Healthy Night’s Sleep

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Never compromise on your health. A good night’s sleep can help you stay fresh, healthy and active throughout the day. For adults 6 to 7 hours and for teenagers 7 to 8 hours of sleep is perfect to work all day. Short daytime naps with a poor sleep schedule at night can ruin the body’s normal functions. Over many processes in the body are carried out by night-time when the body falls asleep. Here are quick 7 methods to go through to get a great sleep. 

Switch the Saggy Mattress 

Your mattress is the main element of a perfect sleep! Get a luxury memory foam mattress to support the posture of your back. Instead of waking up to back pain first thing in the morning, you must have a firm yet soft mattress to rest on. Invest in organic, plush, medical or extra firm mattresses for yourself to maintain the right sleep position. 

The Phone Addicts 

Research has proved using phones for hours before sleep can damage memory, weaken eyesight, cause depression and strains the mind. Phone obsession is dangerous for sleep. A healthy person should not use the phone 2 hours before sleep to relax the muscles and mind. Schedule a daily planner to keep up with proper sleep. The 10 pm to 7 am sleep schedule works best for everyone. 

Caffeine Obsession 

University and college toppers have an obsession with waking late to study at night. It is extremely unhealthy to have 4 to 6 cups of coffee or strong tea just to keep your eyes open. It affects sleep and causes loss of activeness in the morning. For young adults staying up late, it is best to sleep no later than midnight to give a great exam early in the morning. 

Have a Sleeping Pill

Insomnia has been a leading disorder in people for the past few years. It is breaking the habit of people to sleep in peace. Melatonin or sleep drugs help them sleep. Have some tart cherries, milk and almonds before bed to help you sleep before bed. 

Reduce Afternoon Napping 

Sleeping all through the afternoon to stay up at night is the worst excuse for partying or studying. Long afternoon naps can increase your sleep hours and ruin the schedule. You will not want to get up before you fulfill your 9 to 12 hours of sleep! Oversleeping is also wrong. 

Bedroom Environment

The cozier the atmosphere you make for yourself, the deeper sleep you will get. Keep the temperature of the room warm in winters and turn on the AC in summers to sleep in peace. You may use bed heating pads to warm up the sheets in the cold. 

Take a Bath 

Bathing can help relax the muscles and reduce accumulated tensions deeply. Lavender bath salts and a few drops of your favourite essential oil can help the body to attain calmness from a long hectic day. You will experience a pleasant sleep smelling good all through the night. 

These were the tips about getting a good night’s sleep.