5 Ways Bridesmaids Can Help The Bride Maintain Calm On Their Big Day

5 Ways Bridesmaids Can Help The Bride Maintain Calm On Their Big Day

Bridesmaids with flowers


Being a bridesmaid involves more than simply being at your best friend’s side on the wedding day; it’s a crucial aspect of any bride and groom’s preparations.

Upcoming brides should consider ways to feature their female friends in their weddings.

In addition to organizing and attending pre-wedding events, assisting with various parts of wedding planning, and being available to the bride during the wedding weekend, bridesmaids have five duties on the wedding day.

Any friend, sibling, or relative should have no issue performing their duty if they follow these rules.

The list of responsibilities is separated between chores that occur before the wedding and then on the day of the wedding—

Plan The Bride Shower And Bachelorette Parties

The bridesmaids, maid of honor, or the bride’s or groom’s parent(s) are equally responsible for organizing the bridal shower.

Bridesmaids are expected to participate in the shower and assist the MOH in organizing and carrying it out in the absence of other hosts.
They should also be willing to help the maid of honor in any way they can, whether it be by creating a register, purchasing decorations, or managing the catering.

By arranging travel arrangements, lodging, activities, and transportation, allocating expenditures, offering emotional support and assistance, and encouraging the bride to make selections that represent her preferences and personality, bridesmaids should assist in planning the bachelorette party.

They should respect the bride’s preferences and collaborate to produce a cohesive style when it comes to the bridesmaid gowns and accessories.

Prepare The Most Special Speech

The advice for giving the maid of honor speech at a best friend’s wedding is the most crucial information in this essay.

Start with the bride and conclude with the pair, including their spouse in the speech, discuss how they complement one another or discuss how their BFF’s new marriage has improved them as a person, among other suggestions.

Instead of using cliched praise, highlight the bride’s personality by telling her amusing and captivating anecdotes.
Starting at least one week prior, practice your speech twice daily, and make a few recordings of yourself.

To perfect your physical presence, practice the speech in front of friends and consider practicing in front of a mirror. Don’t say anything awkward, and keep the conversation light.

Arrive Early And Be There For Her

While being on time is crucial for any regular occasion, it is more polite to come early to a wedding.

When guests arrive early to a wedding, they may settle comfortably, enjoy the setting, and meet other guests before the ceremony starts.
In order to make sure that the bride looks and feels her best on her wedding day, it is crucial for bridesmaids to demonstrate great timeliness.

Whether it’s the ceremony, the reception, or the pre-ceremony activities, arriving on time is crucial for any wedding-related event.
It’s ideal to start a bit early since it gives you time to handle any hurdles or do any last-minute errands.

Being on time demonstrates that you are serious about your duties and care about the bride’s special day.

Fixing The Last Minute Flower Disasters

Brides and grooms-to-be should surround themselves with lovely bouquets before the wedding since fresh flowers may aid with stress reduction.

However, these same flowers can become the root of stress if not arranged in time. After all, flowers are the most important part of a wedding ceremony.

Therefore, as a bridesmaid, it is your duty to get it arranged.
Additionally, at this stressful and anxious time, sending flowers to friends and family may be a simple way to remind your loved ones that you care.

You can buy flowers online if it is too late to step out. Online florists can bring customizable bouquets and a wide variety of flowers to your doorstep.

You can naturally and healthfully lessen your stress levels by surrounding yourself with fresh flowers.

Be There Till The End And Beyond

It’s a terrific way to encourage the couple and lessen some of the wedding preparation stress to offer to be the one who ends the celebration.

Check-in with the caterer, musicians, or any professionals still there at the conclusion of the night.

Retrieve the cake topper, knives, and servers. Scan the space for items that may have been left behind.

After the ceremony, have the bride’s wedding dress maintained so she can wear it when she returns from her honeymoon.

Provide a master packing list for the honeymoon and assist with cleaning up the reception area once the newlyweds have left on their trip, including essentials and personal care products.

In this manner, the bride won’t have to stress about remembering to bring everything she could need for her honeymoon as she prepares to begin her married life.