5 Tips for Men to Buy Fresh Flowers Online

5 Tips for Men to Buy Fresh Flowers Online

floral arrangement
floral arrangement

Men aren’t good with remembering special occasion flowers dates. Whether it is one’s husband, boyfriend, or brother- they all have this common problem. Most of the time the only late wishes, you receive, are from the men in your life.

And when they wish, they don’t get it right most of the time. How can they? The majority of men are colorblind which means they can’t differentiate between colors and so don’t get the appropriate kind of special occasion flowers.

Other than the gender-specific visual challenge, men can also have trouble picking the right type, right color, and event-appropriate flowers which resonate with their likeness. So, in this blog, we have tried to make things easy for men. You’ll find listed 8 tips for men to make a good decision if they want to wish a woman on a special occasion. Let’s take a look.

1. Pick the right color

Each event has its range of colors. Of course, no one will sue you for picking any other color, but to be more thoughtful we suggest sticking to the color which is right for the occasion.

For example, to wish an anniversary you can get a bouquet composed of different colors- as each color symbolizes a specific emotion. But, to wish your love lady Valentine’s Day there is no better choice than red roses.

Other than expressing your feelings to the women related to you, if you need to wish a woman in a work setting or someone who is not related to you directly, you need to be extra cautious with the selection of the color of blooms otherwise, they can lead to misunderstanding and can be taken even offensive.

2. When in doubt, pick neutrals

If you feel too overwhelmed with colors and color-correctness, you can either pick the color of preference if the recipient is fond of a particular color. If you are not sure about your favorite color, we suggest using white flowers such as tulips, gladiolus, tube roses, and so on. Neutral colors are loved by everyone and they can never give away a wrong message.

3. Book in advance

If the special day of the lady lays around that time of the year when your desired flowers might be out of season or when the demand for a particular flower type is high, then we recommend you to get in touch with a professional florist such as Emilia Flowers to make a booking.

Let’s say you want to express your love on Valentine’s Day with a bouquet of red roses. We all know that flowers often run short on 14th February. To make sure that you don’t end up disappointing your love lady we suggest booking a bunch of red roses by the end of January. Not only you’ll ensure red blooms but you’ll also escape the temporary price hike due to increased demand.

4. Surprise her to make her feel special

On special occasions, your special lady might be aware of the way you’ll wish her. We suggest you go the extra mile and surprise her in a way she wasn’t expecting. For example, you can make flower delivery to her workplace. Not only she will be touched by this gesture, but she’d be elated as her colleagues see that she is loved, valued, and celebrated.

You can also decorate your place with flowers before she arrives home. She’d be flattered once she sees the efforts you have made to make her special day more special.

It doesn’t have to be an extensive floral arrangement. Just a few petals on the dining table, where you’ll have dinner and one bouquet will serve the purpose.

5. Include a note

If you are to make a flower delivery, including a heartfelt note will enhance its meaningfulness. One tip though, if you are sending flowers to her workplace, make sure that the note doesn’t have any personal details or references which can make her feel uncomfortable in her workplace. Just one line about loving her would suffice.

We suggest sending handwritten notes because they are more romantic.

2. Tips for ordering online

While you order flowers online, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

There are many service providers out there which don’t deal with flowers directly. Instead, they are barriers between a professional florist and you. You must beware of them because they pass themselves as florists by building a nice and fancy website with beautiful photos of flowers.

In reality, they just take orders and then pass them on to florists. By doing this they charge you more and even take away the profit which the real florists can make by connecting with customers directly. Their services don’t get acknowledgments or laurels whereas the scammers keep adding more feathers to their hats.

While ordering online, go for those florists which offer ‘get what you see’. Many times, florists advertise something beautiful and fancy to gain more customers. However, they don’t deliver what they had shown. The result can be disappointment and even embarrassment.

You’ll be ripped off of the money you paid for something which was not worth it. The best flower shop will deliver what they advertise.

If it is your first-time Buy Fresh Flowers Online, and it’s for someone you care about, ask your friends or family for recommendations for the best flower shop. They can suggest a good florist based on their previous experience. Or you can see the testimonials or feedback of florists on their websites to decide if you wish to hire their services.

Floral chandeliers

If you’re looking for an eye-catching wedding flower decoration idea, consider hanging floral chandeliers. These beautiful arrangements are easy to recreate and can create an unforgettable entrance.

Incorporate fresh flowers into your doorway and guests will be sure to notice them as they enter your wedding ceremony. The floral chandeliers look particularly dramatic hanging from the ceiling. They are a wonderful way to incorporate flowers into your reception without requiring a large floral budget.

To create a flower chandelier, start by adding greenery to the base of the wire hoop. The wire ring is the most visible part of the chandelier, so you need to design it in layers.

Place one piece of foliage on the bottom, then wrap another one on top. Secure the foliage in place with floral wire and tape. This is the easiest part! Now you’re ready to hang your flower chandelier!