5 Amazing Tools for Small Business Owners

5 Amazing Tools for Small Business Owners

Small business owners wear many hats. 

Often regarded as the one-man army, a small business owner performs many things on his or her own. Even with a small team, a small business owner does not get time off. 

However, the time we live in is convenient yet challenging for small busies owners. While there are many amazing tools to help reduce the workload of a small business owner, the growing market completion will force small business owners to perform beyond their capabilities. 

After the coronavirus outbreak, when the businesses are getting back on their track, many small businesses are trying to continue working remotely. 

Working from home has saved small business owners from a lot of troubles and spending. 

By investing in high-speed and affordable internet mediums such as Hughes satellite internet, small business owners and staff can perform their duties at home.

Therefore, if you are still hoping to work remotely but also want to make sure your business steps out of the crisis then the following are some of the amazing tools that you need to get your hands on: 


One of the favorites of entrepreneurs and small business owners, Canva, is an online tool to create graphics, design, and images. 

The free tools help businesses in creating all the visual pleasure for their company through easy steps. 

Canva offers pre-built templates that can spark creativity even in the most non-artistic person. The pre-built templates offer sizes that are pretty much the same size to use for social media banners, posters, and even for small business cards. 

Thousands of people are using Canva every day. Even now as we speak, hundreds of people are creating free graphic images or getting attention from their desired audience.

However, with a pro version of the platform, you can get a library of stock elements and photography. 


One of the best tools for social media schedules, Hootsuite is another business favorite. 

As small business owners, you might be running here and there to perform errands that are equally important as publishing content online. 

Therefore, instead of missing out on any of the duties, you can make sure to schedule your social media content so that they are posted and published in the time required. 

All you need to do is spend some time every week or even a month and create a social media content calendar. This will include a post on a certain topic that needs require publishing on your different social media channels 

Also do not forget to check the post for the comments, likes, and shares. 

Google WorkSpace

A platform that makes collaboration easy, Google Workspace can help your business run in the most effective manner.

Whether you have a small team or a large one with Google WorkSpace your team members can share emails, documents, spreadsheets, and other essentials to keep the communication and collaboration happening. 

One of the best parts of Goggle WorkSpace is that all of the data is stored remotely. This means that you can jump from your iPad to your laptop and from your laptop to your desktop and work anywhere you want, without having to go with the trouble of transferring data. 


A small business owner has a lot to remember. Even in the most chaotic times, there are at least 5-6 platforms that have different passwords. It is hard to remember all the passwords, all the time when you have to login into each platform every day while you are working. 

This is when LastPass comes in handy. LastPass is a password manager that helps small business owners to store their passwords and have access across all their devices. When you want to log in to a platform, the LastPass will automatically fill in the login information. All it takes is a click for you to access the website, social media platform, and more for your business. 


Running a small business, especially if it is remotely requires a lot of accounting and that too effectively. However, when small businesses have a lot on their plate, the chances of committing blunders are high.

QuickBooks helps small business owners in running their business without worrying about accounting. 

The accounting software, QuickBooks, charges fees that differ from the services of accounting. 


Small business owners have a lot to do. However, with the amazing business tools mentioned in the article, small business owners can bring management back into the picture. 

The goal is to work easier smarter, not harder—so you can focus on the work you do best. Here are the 5 best tools and software for small businesses who want to put their good work forward.

Running a small business is a team effort. Aligning team goals with business goals will help you prioritize your short and long-term needs before making a good buying decision.