2023 Toyota Camry XLE Hybrid review

2023 Toyota Camry XLE Hybrid review

Toyota Camry price Philippines

Autofun Philippines – It may surprise you, but I very rarely yearn for a test car back. But this week, even I was surprised at my disappointment when, of all things, a 2023 Toyota Camry XLE Hybrid left the Savage mansion. And we will make a glimpse into Toyota Camry price Philippines. 

Can you imagine I would save tears for a Nissan Z, a Genesis GV60 or a new Corvette. They can also shoot into the tear ducts.

Some people even regret when I get to test drive the most “boring” car in America. But, I quickly fixed them. Maybe they’re thinking about the Prius. And, if you click such a keyword like “Toyota Camry price Philippines”, you may get a hit by its sales records.


There are reasons why Toyota’s Camry has been the best-selling sedan in the US market for about 20 years. It has become the Ford F-150 of sedans thanks to its outstanding longevity in the market.

The Camry is a champion and rocker on so many fronts. I’ll try to be brief in my summary, but there’s a lot to unpack.

Prefer engine options? Good! For fans of internal combustion (gasoline) engines, there are two options available to you, including the powerful V6. But for thrifty and even socially conscientious families, the Camry Hybrid is a rock star.

The Camry’s 2.5-liter in-line 4-cylinder engine combined with Toyota’s proven “20+-year-old” hybrid system delivers an EPA rating of 44 mpg city and 47 mpg highway, co. development time 208 hp. And achieve this: in about 80% of highway driving, I hit an excellent 48.2 mpg. In addition to the 450 miles of driving, I spent $25. Your fuel budget for weekly trips is a joke.

The Camry is a mid-size sedan but relies on its 111.2-inch wheelbase to give it a great ride, as well as easy handling and good control. There are many utilities in the car, but not as many as Grandma’s paved living room.

Energy from the hybrid system draws its electricity from regenerative braking is delivered quickly, but acceleration remains smooth, quiet and stable. An electronically adjustable CVT (continuously variable transmission) is partly responsible for that and produces great mileage per gallon.

Sport Mode

There is a Sport mode on the dashboard that helps increase acceleration. And it is very handy when traveling on the highway. However, it won’t feel like the speed of a sports sedan. Normal and Economy modes are also available. Normal is what you’ll stick with about 90% of the time.

Interior comfort is assured with the XLE which is the Camry’s luxury trim level, offering eight-way power-adjustable leather seats with heated front seats. The seats are slightly contoured, which is perfect for long rides and has plenty of room in the back for three adults. XLE also upgraded the standard 8-inch information display to a 9-inch screen.

But it’s the design of the touchscreen that impresses beyond its size. Instead of a mute button on the control panel or a combination of on-screen buttons and dashes, there are eight main buttons around the screen (four on one side) clearly labeled “Home, Menu, Sound” “, Maps, Search, Tracking, Phone and Apps. There are also control and volume buttons.

All this makes the information display and JBL sound system “standard on the XLE” activated in a split second while driving. luxury brands.

Leather-made Seats

The leather on this bright red car is cream. And the seats are perforated for better airflow from the heated and cooled seats. Heating is standard while cooling is part of a $1,430 package that includes a 10-inch color HUD, a surround-view monitor, and front/rear parking assist with automatic braking.

The dashboard and door tops are black to create a two-tone interior – the norm among sharper vehicles today. Graphite gray trim around the air vents, and other dash trim comes with armrest trim via the power window controls and dashboard. There is a bit of a glossy black border on the stack, but not enough to cause reflection problems.

Standard features include a wireless phone charger under the center console, smart cruise control and a host of other safety features, all part of Toyota’s Safety Sense 2.5. This includes a pre-collision system with pedestrian and cyclist recognition, a lane departure system with steering assist, automatic high beams, lane keep assist and roadside assistance. 

The Lane Departure System

Toyota also allows the driver to override the lane departure system, so if you’re in a congested city or a highway under construction, you can push a button and not let the system kick in. . beep or try to stay centered in your lane. Cheer. Nowadays, having this choice is often a question of security.

Assuming you have five adults on board, which is very likely compared to other similar models, there is plenty of space in the trunk for luggage. At 15.1 cubic feet, the deep trunk will hold the entire crew’s luggage, even multiple sets of golf clubs.

The only thing I miss, the only negative here, is the large card pockets on the door. They are very small and difficult to reach.

Toyota Camry price Philippines

The Toyota Camry price Philippines is unbelievable – a bargain for the entire lineup and will entice dollar-conscious buyers into switching to a sedan and away from midsize crossovers and gas-guzzling SUVs.

Camry Hybrid Base, LE, from $29,105 including delivery. There are five trim levels, with the XLE being a mid-range luxury for $34,065 including delivery. The sportier XSE costs about $500 more. The SE and SE Nightshade (black and dark blue) are also available as hybrid models.

Taking Toyota Camry price Philippines into consideration, adding 11 options pushed the test car to $40,232, still the average price for a new car, so you can definitely get one in the $30,000 range. There’s no AWD functionality, like its main competitor, the Honda Accord.

About Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry (XV30) is a mid-size vehicle manufactured by Toyota from June 2001 to January 2006. The XV30 series represents the fifth generation of the Toyota Camry in all markets outside of Japan. , continuing another generation line. The XV30 range is divided into different model codes to indicate the engine. Four-cylinder models use the codes ACV30 (front-wheel drive) and ACV35 (all-wheel drive), with the MCV30 (3.0 liter) and MCV31 (3.3 liter) specifying the six-cylinder versions.

On August 27, 2001, for the 2002 model year, the Toyota Camry launched as a larger sedan. It was carrying only style cues from the successful Vitz, Corolla and Solara. But without a station wagon for the first time. As station wagons lost popularity for pickup trucks and crossover SUVs, the Camry wagon was replaced by the Sienna minivan (North America only) and the Highlander SUV, both of which used the Camry’s platform.